Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I'm Reading

I really enjoy reading and have recently decided that I would like to start making some time to read more and finally start whittling down my ever growing list of books to read.  I've typically been more into reading fiction but the problem with that is that if I find a good fiction book that I really like I can't put it down and will neglect everything around me (ie kids, husband, laundry, housework, making dinner, etc) until I have finished the book.  Recently I've decided to read some other genre of books and with the help of friends suggesting books it hasn't been hard to find some great ones to choose from.

I've typically been the type of person that would read one book in it's entirety before starting another one and thought people were crazy if they had more than one book going at a time.  Much to my surprise I've become one of those crazy people and I think I like it.  It's been nice to race through a fiction book that I really like, pick up another book that I need to read and digest on for a little while read something else that can easily be digested in car line or when there are various distractions going on or perhaps just reading some magazine articles that could potentially turn into topics we use for Mom App.  There are a few books that I finally need to finish and move on with but I think this having multiple books going at one time is kind of working for me.  Whenever I want to read I can just pick up the book that fits my mood at that time or the area I'm most interested in at the moment.  I'm trying to keep it to only three books at one time as it can get a little confusing sometimes as to what might be going on in each book and this also helps me make sure I finish a book.

I still really love a good drama or mystery fiction book but I've really enjoyed exploring some other books at the moment.  They have caused me to think, reflect on what I believe, explore the bible more and even encourage or point out something I could be doing better or differently in my life.  It's also been funny how typically whatever I'm reading has been exactly what I've needed to hear at that moment in my life or has been something I've been able to share with someone else as it fit into group discussion times at bible studies or conversations with friends.

So here is what I have recently finished reading:

When Life and Beliefs Collide by Carolyn Custis James.
This book was recommended to me by a friend and I'll admit took me a little bit to get through (I started it last year) because I took my time with it and just needed to let some things simmer while I read through it.  This it definitely one that I will be purchasing my own copy of as I borrowed it.  I can definitely see myself turning back to it from time to time as a resource.  It was such a thought provoking book on women and theology and such a reminder of how much God loves us as women and how we can be used by Him. I’ll never read the story of Mary and Martha the same way again. It really made me thing of our role as women in God's kingdom and as one of his recruits to help share His message with others.  Don't ask me about this book unless you have a few minutes as it's kind of my pound your fist in a good way type book right now.

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin
Don't let the title fool you.  This is definitely not a book just for Women.  In fact I kind of hate that it has the word "Women" in the title as it leads you to think it's a book for women and perhaps might cause a man not to read it when they would benefit from it just as much.  This book was a gift from a friend and was an easy quick read.  It looks at the different ways people read/study the bible and Jen's thoughts on how you can develop a concise plan for studying scripture.  She really challenges and encourages you to read scripture and determine first what you believe it to say before turning to find out how someone else interprets the scripture (via asking someone else, reading commentaries, reading the notes in your bible, etc).

Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford
I'll admit I read this one a little slower than I probably should have and actually started it last year.  It's an easy read but was one that I just chose to pick up every now and then when I only had a couple of minutes to read.  In some ways I'm glad that I chose this approach as it gave me constant reminders to put aside my phone,  my agenda, my to do list and focus on things that really mattered at the moment such as my husband and boys.  I have, more than I'd like to admit, really gotten tied down to my phone and checking Instagram, Email and Facebook frequently throughout that day and not giving full attention to my family.  I can also be bad about my to do list dictating my day and allowing it to cause me to get angry with those around me if they disrupt that self imposed schedule.  I think that's another reason why I have found myself trying to read more and do something I like to do and not be so tide down to what I think has to get done and making sure that the house is spotless 24/7 and causing a lot of overdue stress on me and my family (this is a work in progress).  Don't get me wrong there are still things around the house that need to get done but it's ok to make a mess every now and then and just have fun with my family. 

So what's on tap next to read?????

I've started reading And the Angels Were Silent by Max Lucado as I thought this would be great leading up to Easter.  I'm pretty sure I read this several years back but can't really remember.

I plan to start Keep it Shut by Karen Ehman because sister who couldn't use some help with that and I'm finishing up Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine.  Crystal is
the founder of which is a blog I started following shorty after Caleb was born. 

I really need to finish up The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst but I think this one may have to wait a little longer as I'm not sure I want four books going at one time.

I may also try to squeeze in Blessings of the Cross which is an ebook that I received for free for signing up for 40 days to Easter Devotions from Devotionals Daily at FaithGateway. This is another one that I'd like to read leading up to Easter.

So, what are you reading or what have you read that you recommend?

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