Monday, December 29, 2008

Birthday Shout Out!

Hope you had a great birthday Amy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve!

Hope all your shopping is finished, your gifts are wrapped and you are able to enjoy just relaxing today before Santa arrives. We are looking forward to Caleb's grandparents staying the night with us tonight and helping us celebrate Christmas in the morning.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We picked the perfect day to take Caleb to see Santa (11-22-08). We didn't have to wait in line, no one was waiting behind us to rush us, it was perfect. Caleb wasn't scared at all to sit on Santa's lap. He wouldn't smile and was pretty stoic but he didn't cry or make any type of fuss to get down. Santa just took his time and sat there and talked to him. The first picture we took Caleb was actually looking at the camera but he wouldn't smile for anything so we decided to go with this one instead. I think by the time we saw Santa Caleb was tired of smiling. We had spent that morning getting his 1 year pictures made, family pictures taken and then went and took some candid shots at the Promenade.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What Goes Down, Must Come Up......

....or at least this has been the case at our house since Sunday night. Poor little Caleb has been one sick puppy this week. I should have know when he wasn't really interested in staying in the nursery Sunday morning that something was wrong. He never has any issues going to class but they said that every time the door opened for another kid to be dropped off that he wanted out. We ended up skipping our normal routine of lunch with friends after church and opted to head home since Caleb was a bit fussy. He proceeded to fall asleep on the way home and ended up taking almost a 2 hour nap. He spent the rest of the day trying to play but he would have to take a little break every now and then and would just come lay his head on me and snuggle or he would go ahead and doze off for a few minutes. He ate a late lunch on Sunday and didn't seem to be having any issues but that wasn't the case later that night at dinner and he unfortunately decided to not keep it down.

David stayed home with him on Monday and bless his poor belly he couldn't keep anything down. We finally decided to call the Dr. out of concern that he was going to get dehydrated. I'll fast forward and save you all the messy details......long story short he is just now starting to be able to keep something down and show a little sign of life. He is actually trying to play a little today and has made some of his normal silly noises and is smiling. It looked like yesterday he was starting phase two of this wonderful stomach bug but so far we haven't seen any signs of it today. I'm crossing my fingers hard we are spared that phase and that David and I don't get sick.

As of Tuesday he weighed 18lbs. 8 oz. and had lost 1 lb. and 4 oz. Poor little guy he definitely doesn't have any weight to spare. Hopefully we can start trying to fatten him up in the next few days, right now we are still a bit cautious on how much we give him.

I hate how bad he has felt but I love how snugly he was been. He is always very loving but typically won't just be still when he snuggles. This week he has wanted to be right next to one of us.
Monday night he couldn't seem to find a comfortable spot. He tossed and turned and finally I laid him next to me on the coach and this is how he ended up going to sleep.
We ended up making him a little pallet in the living room floor. He didn't want to get too far away from us so this helped him know we were still around and allowed him to get some rest. As you can see he has lived in his PJs since Sunday night.

This has been our new best friend this week and has saved us some nasty stains on the carpet. We both have gotten pretty good at knowing the signs of when he is going to get sick.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Say It Isn't So

Panic attack on aisle 9, panic attack on aisle 9!

Well the day I feared was coming before too long is finally here. I decided to brave the cold tonight and venture out to my local Wal-Mart for a little shopping adventure only to hear the words that I had hoped would never be uttered " I'm sorry we no longer accept internet coupons". What! Doesn't the cashier attending to me know that my time is very precious and I can not have the time back that I just spent wondering the aisles and double/triple checking the wording on each and every coupon I was planning on using to make sure it correctly matched up with the items in my cart. Doesn't he know that I'm not one of those who makes copies of internet coupons and knowingly uses them fraudulently? Doesn't he know that I like coupon shopping and he has just stolen one of my true joys away from me? No he doesn't know this nor does he really care but I will say in his defense that he was very polite and didn't mind as I asked for my coupons back and proceeded to have him take the items off of my transaction.

I'm hoping that my local, very friendly, cashier was mistaken and this is not Wal-Mart's new policy but I am afraid that he is probably correct and the dreaded day has arrived and the misuse of some have ruined it for the rest of us. For those of you that enjoy the hunt of a good bargain and enjoy the clipping of a good coupon can you please join your local, neighborhood Wal-Mart shoppers for a moment of silence as we grieve the loss of the use of our beloved paper money in the form of internet coupons (at least at Wal-Mart). Sniff, sniff!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Pies

I decided to back track a bit and post some pictures of Caleb and I making our first pies together. We did this at Mommy and Me on 11/20/08. It was a very easy recipe and not hard at all for the two of us to put together. I mean what could be easier than pre-made pie crust and pie filling.

First we cut our pie crust in half so we could make two small pies. Check out that look of concentration.
Next we added our pie filling. We decided to make one cherry and the other one blueberry.

Then we pinched the edges of our crust together. I think Grandma Foster would have been very proud of our technique.

Last we added a little butter and sugar on top and baked them in the oven (sorry no picture).

I think Caleb is definitely going to end up being my little helper in the kitchen. He has already been very busy assisting his Nana make cookies. Nana and Papa think the cookies that Caleb helps with are some of the best. I have to admit our pies turned our pretty good and I'm sure it was all because of Caleb's help. Who knows maybe the two of us will take this act on the road and start our own cooking show.