Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Night

We had a great time last night. Well...see for yourself.

It's so funny because he hasn't really even scooted across the couch or acted like he wanted to, but I just put him on this walker, and off he went across the room. Melody and I were joking about him not practicing anything. He just does it. Or if he does practice, he does it in private because he crawled, pulled up, and now walked with a walker without us really seeing him learn to do them slowly. Not to say that we think he's exceptional or anything. :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jason!

This past weekend we went and visited my brother and his family to help celebrate his birthday. It was great to see everyone and to just spend time hanging out with the kids. Caleb had a great time too and got lots of loving from his cousins.

Sidebar Update

For those of you that might be interested I've updated my sidebar to include some of the printable coupon sites that I utilize. These coupons change from time to time so you might check them out periodically. Also, don't forget to click your "back" button after printing an internet coupon as it will often allow you to print a 2nd time.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Formula Coupons Update

Don't forget it's been over 30 days so for those of you that called to get your coupons for Parent's Choice Formula (see earlier post) you are now eligible to call again (1-800-272-5095) and request another one. I asked the rep today how much the coupon is typically for and she said right now they are mailing out $3 coupons but they range anywhere from $3-$5.

I also decided to call the makers of Nature's Goodness baby food and see if they ever mail out coupons. I just called the toll-free number on the jar (1-800-872-2229) and within a few seconds I was connected with a rep, gave her my address and she said that I should receive my coupons within 5-7 days. No hassles, no long wait, no 20 questions, just a simple "Do you by chance mail out coupons", gave them my name and address and I was done. The rep said to feel free to call again.

Just a disclaimer for any of you that may be worried and feel like you need to potentially have a special collection Sunday for David and I we are doing fine, our finances our great and there is no need to worry :-). I just like being frugal and am having a great time saving money and have enjoyed being able to share some of the free things I have received with family, friends and our church.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Never Want to Forget....

I loved Mary Jo's recent post and decided to steal shamelessly and create my own list of "I never want to forget".......

**the way my Grandma's old fashioned pink rose smells

**how peaceful Caleb looks snuggled up in my arms after he has gone to sleep while I'm rocking him.

**the way Caleb's face lights up when I enter the room when I pick him up after work

**the sound of Caitlin and Sierra (my nieces) yelling "Aunt Mel" as they run toward me with a big hug when I first see them when they are in town

**the way Caleb looks and smells in his footed pajamas after bath time and he has been rubbed down with lotion.

**how God has blessed our family and given me the opportunity to work part-time

**how much David loves Caleb and I

**Sunday lunches at Grandma's house

**the intense look of concentration on Caleb's face when he is inspecting something with his fingers