Friday, February 27, 2015

Valentine's Day Throwback

One of the things that I really enjoy about being a stay at home mom is the opportunity to get to go to Caleb's class parties.  His home room mom has done such a great job with the parties they have had this year and between her and Caleb's teacher they have really been a lot of fun for the kids and super organized.

At the beginning of the party the class got to hear and participate in various science experiments dealing with energy and heat.  The kids thought it was a lot of fun and even Joshua and I really enjoyed it.

 Here the kids are participating in an experiment with an energy stick.  They learned if they were all touching they created a circuit which would cause the energy stick to light up.  A few of them got to take turns letting go of their classmate's hand and see that the light would go off when the circuit was broken.

The kids were able to rotate around to different stations during the party and complete a some crafts, play games and have their picture taken in a homemade photo booth.  I was in charge of manning the card station.  We put one of the pictures the kids had taken on their card.

I loved the Valentine sack that Caleb made in class earlier in the week.  He said he made his heart wearing glasses (the larger pink hearts) and reading a book.

 On Valentine's Day we woke up and opened cards we had received and the boys got to open a small treat from David and I that was mini oreo cookies.

 For dinner that night we enjoyed a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and I made Cupid Floats that consisted of Cherry 7Up and vanilla ice cream.

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