Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring?!

Wow, is it really the 1st day of Spring! After lunch today Caleb and I decided to go and see my Mom and Dad in Winslow. David called me at my Mom's to let me know it had started snowing at home but he said that it wasn't sticking to the roads so Caleb and I decided to stay a little longer and then headed over to my Dad's around 4:30. When we got to my Dad's it was still just raining so we thought we would stay and hang out for a little while. Around 5:30 it finally started snowing in Winslow so Caleb and I decided it was probably time to load up and head for the house. I really didn't think the roads seemed all that bad, just slushy, but before we got to Greenland I had already seen 6 accidents/cars in the ditch. I called David to find out if we needed to turn around and stay the night with my Dad but he said the roads at home were fine so we decided to just take it slow and keep heading home. It was the craziest thing ever as I really didn't think the roads were all that bad so we just took it easy going home but by the time we got to Springdale I had seen a total of 14 incidents of either accidents or people who had slid off the road. After Springdale we didn't see any more wrecks and made it home just fine. Crraaazzzinesss!!!!

David bundled Caleb up after we got home and they had fun playing in the backyard for a little while before it got dark. Happy 1st day of Spring!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy Day

We had a great day today and were so glad to get out in the sunshine for a little while. We started off our day with getting Caleb's Easter pictures taken. This year he got to have a few pictures taken with a lamb and some with a black and white bunny. In order to get him warmed up to the idea of the lamb I let him go back and look at one of them while it's brother was busy getting it's picture taken with another family. Caleb wasn't sure at first about the lamb and especially didn't like it when it's starting baaing. He eventually finally pet it but he told me "lamb, scary". Luckily the one he got his picture made with just sat there and didn't make any noise but if it moved it's head in Caleb's direction Caleb would tell the lamb "don't eat my jeans". After a few attempts of getting the perfect pose with the lamb we moved on to taking a couple of pictures with the bunny. Caleb was a bit more at ease with the bunny and even told the bunny "eat my shirt" and would hold his shirt out trying to get the bunny to take hold. I think the animals were a bit easier to coral than Caleb as he was more interested in running around the room. We finally called it a wrap and ended up with at least a couple decent pictures to choose from.

David ended up meeting us for part of the pictures so we went to the Wal-Mart Associate Store afterward and also got to all have lunch together.

Since it was so nice outside Caleb and I went and played at the park for a little while before going home to take an afternoon nap. I had packed some extra clothes in the car so he was able to get out of his Easter clothes before hitting the slide. Caleb had a great time at the park and did not want to leave when it was time to go home. I told him that we might go back after David got home and he definitely didn't forget because it was the first thing he asked about when he woke up from his nap.

So as soon as David got home we came good on our promise and headed back to the park. Caleb loved running around and had the park all to himself. He is getting very brave going down the slide and has started going down head first and tonight decided to go down head first but laying on his back. We ended the evening by going to Las Fajitas where Caleb devoured some chips and cheese dip and then we all went to Dairy Queen for blizzards.

I'm loving the sunshine and had a great day with my little guy today and just can't get over how big he is getting!