Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gingerbread House

Caleb was super excited to put together the gingerbread house this year and asked to do it just a couple of days after Thanksgiving. This year the boys did most of the work while I mostly observed. I did help put the "lights" on around the trim of the house. We cheated and bought the pre-assembled house which works out so much better for impatient little helpers who don't want to wait on the house to set before decorating (who am I kidding, I don't want to wait on the house to set up and be ready either)

Of course plenty of icing was eaten during construction and a few candies ended up missing in action as they were also consumed.
Caleb really enjoyed getting to help put the decorations on by himself. Here is is deep in thought getting one of the candies ready to put on.
Silly Boy!
I think the boys did a great job and I love the little red hot hedge on the side that Caleb came up with all by himself.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gift List

We were putting the tree skirt around the Christmas tree this morning and David asked Caleb what else goes under the tree. Caleb's first response was the nativity set he was playing with. David asked him what else goes under the tree and he finally said "presents" so then we started asking him what the following people below were going to get. Here is the gift list he came up with all by himself without any help.
****Caution, Spoiler alert*****
Daddy: Glove (meaning a baseball glove)
Mommy: Bathing Suit
Grandma: Milk Crate for your bike (?????)
Pappy: Star Wars movie
Grammy: Ginger Bread House
Papa: Toy Car
Nana: Bicycle and Helmet
Caleb: Baseball Glove

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who Says You Have to Pick One Costume

If you ask me what Caleb was this year for Halloween I would have to say an Imagination Mover/Fireman/Spiderman as he couldn't pick just one costume and instead picked three.
1st Costume:
I really thought I had at least one more year to get to pick Caleb's Halloween costume and that next year would be the year that he would start getting to choose his own costume but I guess I was wrong. I really wanted him to be an Imagination Mover (this is one of the kid's shows he likes to watch) but he evidently had other plans. When I asked him about wearing his Imagination Movers outfit that we had purchased earlier in the year when we saw them at the Walton Art Center he informed me that this year he was going to be Spiderman and that he would be an Imagination Mover next year. Where did that come from?! Luckily we already had a Spiderman costume that someone had given us last year. I thought about forcing him to be an Imagination Mover but I decided I needed to let go of this decision and let him decide so I was really surprised when he informed me that he was going to be an Imagination Mover for trick or treating at David's office. He had told me leading up to that day that he was going to be Spiderman. I thought he looked super cute and was so glad he made the decision to wear it (ok maybe I asked several times leading up to the event if he would wear it but he was always persistent that he was going to be Spiderman).

He looked so big strutting around the ISD building at David's work collecting candy. He did a great job of saying thank you and was very polite and would only take one or two pieces of candy even though you often thought by the way he would kneel down by the candy bucket like he was going to dive in and grab a whole handful but always just took one or two pieces.
He loved getting to hang out in his Daddy's office and naturally had to get up to the computer and do some "work". He also had fun writing and erasing things on the white board. We had a great time and Caleb enjoyed a train ride in the parking lot, playing in the bouncy houses, going down the huge inflatable slide, eating corn dogs and funnel cake and drinking lemonade. The lines were crazy long but I'm so glad we went.
2nd Costume:
I don't have any pictures but for Caleb's "school" party he decided to be a fireman. This was last year's costume and for a short time he wanted to be this again this Halloween but I told him he had to pick something else for Halloween night.
3rd Costume:
Caleb was super excited about Halloween and was really excited to get to go trick or treating with Gavin. This is our third year to go trick or treating with the Pitts and Baileys. They were so sweet a few years a go to let us invade on their tradition and we love it. Caleb held to his decision of being Spiderman and wore his costume with great pride. I was surprised that he actually wore his mask for the majority of the night. He cracked us up by running to each house as if he was afraid that they might run out of candy before he got there. He has been on a gum fascination lately and the first few houses he kept asking if they had any gum. He probably would have asked every house this but we told him not to ask and to politely take what they gave him.
He had a ton of fun and enjoyed passing out candy to the trick or treaters just as much as collecting candy. So glad that he enjoyed Halloween this year to the fullest.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What I Love About Fall!

In no particular order......
  1. Razorback football
  2. Opening up the windows in the house and letting some fresh air in
  3. Soups and Chili
  4. Carmel Apple hand soap from Bath and Body Works
  5. Craft Fairs
  6. Celebrating Caleb's birthday
  7. Celebrating friends and family members birthdays
  8. Pumpkin Spice muffins
  9. Fall decorations
  10. Pumpkins, Pumpkins and PUMPKINS (LOVE THEM!)
  11. Mums
  12. Grilling out
  13. Planning Halloween costumes
  14. The leaves changing colors
  15. Halloween and Thanksgiving

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Go Hogs!

We are very excited that Razorback football season is finally here! While David was working at the game tonight Caleb and I ventured off to a local boutique and lucked out on them handing out these super cute Razorback cupcakes. How cute are these!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Today was Caleb's first day at "school" (aka Kid's Day Out). He has been really excited about getting to go and based upon our conversations today it sounds like he had a good time.

As soon as he got out of the car he was on a mission to get to his classroom. He did a great job of just walking right into the building and down the hallway toward his classroom. He was a little shy when he gave his teachers their gift but he did it all by himself without me having to coax him.

Here he is showing his teacher where his cubby is for his lunch box. It was so cute watching him put his things away but made me a little said to see how he is growing up.
When we went for Orientation last week Caleb kept walking around the room taking it all in (aka looking for the toys ). I was waiting for it......he came up and asked me "where are the toys" :-). I reminded him that this was "school" and he wouldn't get to play the whole time. Today when we came into his classroom the teacher was getting some blocks, cars, etc out of the closet. Caleb got so excited and said "there they are!". He quickly settled in to playing and I guess was ready for us to go.
He evidently did not take a nap during rest time and quickly fell asleep on our way home.
I did really well and only got a little teary eyed when I was telling him bye and letting him know we would be back to pick him up later. I'm so proud of him and am so glad he had a great first day!
Here are a few more pictures that remind me just how much he is growing up. Tonight while I was getting dinner ready he came in to watch me peel potatoes and asked if he could help. I helped him do part of one potato and then gave him the peeler (I use a carrot peeler instead of a knife) and his own potato to work on. He really liked getting to help and commented on how he was helping me make dinner.
I think he did a really good job peeling his first potato without any help.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Just got back from GNO at Crosschurch with Anita Renfroe and Mandisa! This was just what I needed, it was a great evening of fellowship, laughter, some tears and praise. So glad I got to spend tonight with 3 of my peeps.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July and I'll have to say I'm a little sad that it is over and it is time to start putting up all of the red, white and blue decor.

I started off the 4th by making some treats and fixing up a little gift sack of them to take over to our new neighbors that I had yet to welcome to the neighborhood.

Earlier in the week I put together some little treat bags for Caleb to give his friends that came over that afternoon. I found these little sacks in the dollare bin at Target and couldn't resist buying them and figuring out some little fun way to use them. I seriously wanted to buy more of them for future use but refrained (still kicking myself a little for that decision).
I loved this little dragon fly that decided to join our party.
We were so glad to have the Henderson and Walkers over to help us celebrate the 4th (sorry no picture of the Walkers). It was so good to get to hang out and just enjoy some time together. Caleb was so glad to get to see his friends.
I love this super cute cake that Dallas made. I had seen this on a blog but didn't even want to attempt making it so I was so glad to find out Dallas made one. It was so fun getting to cut into and reveal the fun surprise of a flag inside. Love the fun and festive touch it added to the day.

The kids (including us big kids at heart) had a lot of fun with all of the fireworks. We started things off with some poppers, party pops, smoke balls and some other fun day time fireworks before it started getting dark.
I wonder if Papa has already started working on football drills with Caleb (ha). Every time Caleb would run into the smoke he would drop his shoulder like he was tackling someone.
Once it started getting dark we moved the patio furniture and headed out to the front of the house to enjoy the fireworks show. It was a great night to be out and was fun getting to see all the different fireworks that were going off on our street and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

I think it was a good time had by all and am so glad that we are blessed with some great friends.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red, White and Blue

I'm not sure why but I have really been into the 4th of July this year. Typically it isn't a holiday that I decorate for outside of a few flags but this year I decided to pull out some red, white and blue.

I thought I would be a little crafty and turned some toilet paper rolls into firecrackers. Cheesy.....maybe but I think they are fun.

I've had this little candle holder for a while and it's been one of the few things that I do put out each year. I decided to dress it up a little this year and added some ribbon.
I also decided to make a wreath for the front door this year. I toyed around with making a few firecrackers and adding to the wreath but decided not to, who knows I may change it up a little next year and add some.

I found these little flags in the dollar bins at Target for 3/$1.00. I love that aisle and always have to stop and check it out.

I didn't get a picture of it but I love how every year our POA purchases flags and puts one by the sidewalk in front of each persons house in the neighborhood. It's always a nice little surprise to wake up one morning and there they are. I love the very first day they put them out because they are lined up down the streets and just seem to give a sense of pride.