Friday, January 18, 2013

24 Days of Scooty

I had debated back and forth for a while if I was really interested in hosting a house guest for the whole month of December but after some peer pressure from blogs and Pinterest I finally decided to cave so on December 1 our little friend Scooty came to stay.
We went up to Caleb's room that afternoon and there sitting on the bed was Scooty along with a book telling us all about him.  Caleb didn't know exactly what to think at first and was wondering how he got on his bed and immediately started asking me if I put him there but he later decided that I didn't.
Caleb named him all by himself. I'm not sure where the name "Scooty" came from but when we asked Caleb what we should name him that is what he came up with.
Caleb loved his new elf friend and enjoyed waking up each morning to find out what silly things he had done while we were sleeping.  Caleb would come into our room every morning and immediately would let us know whether or not he had found Scooty.  He would always say "that silly Scooty" or "mom you won't believe what Scooty is doing".  One of his favorite mornings was the very first morning after he arrived and Caleb found him in the kitchen eating one of the sugar cookies we had made.  He got the biggest kick out of it.
Here's a little peak and the different places we found Scooty.

I'll admit I really enjoyed having Scooty around just as much as Caleb did and was a little sad to see him leave on Christmas Eve.  On the morning of Christmas Eve we found Scooty holding baby Jesus in our nativity scene with the following letter for Caleb:
Dear Caleb,
I can’t believe that today is my last day with you and tonight I leave to go back to the North Pole to live with Santa.  Thanks so much for letting me come and stay with you.  I really enjoyed getting to hang out at your house and watch over you.  Santa and I are really proud of you and hope you enjoy your presents.  Don’t forget that even though presents are really awesome the true meaning of Christmas is so much more and what is really special about Christmas is remembering the birth of Jesus and how He was the best gift that we could ever receive.
Continue to work on obeying your Dad and Mom the first time and being a good example for Joshua.  Work hard in school and be sure and take your time on your school work.  Always remember to have gentle hands with your friends and use kind words.  Continue to say your prayers and pay attention at church.
I’ll miss hanging out with you while I’m away at the North Pole and can’t wait to see you again next year.
Merry Christmas,
As soon as we finished reading Caleb the letter he said "What, he's coming back next year and I'm not on the naughty list". 
We are already looking forward to Scooty's visit next year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4 months old - Joshua

Oh little Munch, Munch (as Caleb calls you) how is it that in two days you will be 5 months old and your Mommy is just now getting around to writing your 4 month post?

Here is some information about you at 4 months:
* You are in size 1 diapers
* You've discovered how to take your paci out of your mouth and put it back in
*  You have the fastest growing fingernails and I swear we have to cut them once a week
Here are your stats from your 4 month check up on December 6:
Head- 42 cm (58th percentile)
Weight-14 lbs 15oz (38th percentile)
Height- 26 inches