Saturday, February 28, 2015

Eye of the Tiger

Caleb was  invited to a birthday party on Valentine's Day at Imagine Studios for one of his classmates.  We have been there on our own a few times to paint pottery but had never been there for a party. Caleb was pretty pumped!  We learned that the birthday girl really likes tigers so she had all her guests paint a tiger on canvas.
They first were asked to paint the canvas blue and then dry it.

The instructor then game around and drew the outline of a tiger on their canvas using sidewalk chalk. How smart is that!  I'd always wondered how the kids that I had seen in pics from this place were all able to paint out the exact same picture.  She also came around and helped smooth out some of their edges and added a little bit of white accent on their tigers.

After they dried their pictures they drew out the outline of the face and stripes following a picture she had drawn on a white board.  They first drew it out using chalk and then went over it with a sharpie and last filled it in with paint.

 Last they added some green leaves and vines to give a little jungle look to their picture.

When they were finished the instructor came around and outlined some of the edges and added whiskers if their tiger didn't have any.  She did however make sure to stay true to what each kid had painted she just helped clean them up a little bit.

I LOVE how it turned out and think that all of the kids had a lot of fun!

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Kimberley said...

so cute! look at you blogging!! :)