Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Little Gym

Today was Caleb's first official day in the Super Beasts class at The Little Gym! He has gone to The Little Gym before for a couple of other activities but this was his first day in class outside of the intro class we went to before we signed up. I had a little chat with him before we went about how he needed to listen to the teacher and that he wasn't going there to just play but that he was going to class. I'm not really sure he totally absorbed the whole listen to your teacher part but he evidently caught part of my speech because when David asked him how it went today Caleb responded by telling him that it was not play it was class.

He did a great job through the opening activities but there was really no gaining control once the teacher released him from the red mat to learn and practice some of the gymnastic exercises on his own. Overall he really enjoyed the class and I was very proud that he put up the shakers and balls when the teacher asked, although he was a little shy about it he told the class his name and my name when it was his turn, he participated in the activities with the parachute, for the most part did the warm up activities at the beginning of class and he at least tried 2 out of the 3 gymnastic activities when the teacher called and asked him to come over where the rest of the class was. I guess I'll cut him some slack on how he just ran around the last half of class since it was his first day and this is the first class of any kind that we have enrolled him in but I'm hoping that things get better as the weeks go on and the excitement of all the distractions in the room wear off (crossing my fingers really, really hard).

Here are a few pics from his first day in class:

-Playing with the toys before class starts-

-Practicing his forward roll

-Catching bubbles in one of the closing activities