Thursday, May 28, 2009

See Spot Run

After taking a rather lengthy hiatus from reading I decided to finally give the TV a little break at night and see if I could still actually remember how to read a book. I'm happy to report that I still have it in me and recently just finished this great book and can't wait to see the movie.

I think I actually liked it better than The Da Vinci Code and have heard that Angels and Demons was better as a movie than The Da Vinci Code. For my next pick I've selected The Shack. So, what are you reading this summer that you recommend?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dine In or Carry Out

Caleb must have really played hard yesterday at Nana and Papa's because he ended up falling asleep on the way home and even took a little cat nap after we got there. He woke up for just a second when we walked in and David took him and Caleb snuggled right into him and fell back to sleep. After a few minutes we decided we better wake him up or suffer the consequences of him not wanting to go to bed. After waking up he headed straight outside to play in his new house. I was in the process of making dinner so it was pretty much ready after just a few minutes of him being outside. I knew he wasn't going to be happy having to come in to eat since he hadn't been out long but I had no idea of the total melt down he was going to have. We finally decided it really wasn't worth all the water works and since it was so nice out we decided to just take our dinner outside. Caleb loved getting to eat in his little house and I'm sure this is just the first of many meals he will have out there. I am so glad he is enjoying his new playhouse.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Home

Well after weighing all our options and much discussion, more so than I'm sure David cared for, we finally decided to take the plunge and buy a summer home! Now before you get too excited it's nothing overly elaborate and will sadly not be making it on the next tour of homes but we love it and think it will provide many hours of entertainment this summer. Since we didn't want something that we had to spend hours cleaning we went with a little less square footage than some of the other homes we looked at. It does however come furnished with a table and chairs, a very nice doorbell, phone, and shutters and a door that you can spend countless hours opening and shutting. Oh, and I must not forget a mail slot for all that highly important mail. So without further ado here is a look at the Winberry's summer estate.

Caleb was so excited when he saw it. He has already opened and shut the door and shutters a million times and can't get enough of ringing the door bell. He has several toy phones but he walked around carrying the phone that came with the house as if he had never had one. I think it has definitely been a hit and that he will enjoy playing in his new house this summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's My Boys

Such cheese balls! Yep, it's good times at the Winberry's......good times!

Doesn't He Make You Smile

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I've had a great Mother's Day! My Mom came up last night and spent the night with us and brought a nice bouquet of fresh cut Irises from my grandma's which was the start of a perfect Mother's Day. They have made the house smell really good and have brought back great memories of my grandma. My grandma always had a vase full of Irises in the house this time of year and I love looking over and seeing them on the table.

When I woke up this morning I walked into the kitchen and was surprised by a beautiful arrangement of pink roses and lilies from David and Caleb. My kitchen is currently a little flower shop and smells wonderful.

David's parents came up after church and joined us for lunch. David was a huge sweetie and took care of planning our menu, all the meal prep and cooking our lunch. We enjoyed baked potatoes, steaks, green bean casserole and for dessert we had brownies and ice cream. Yummy! It was a good afternoon with family and was nice to get to spend Mother's Day with both of our moms. Thanks Caleb and David for making this such a special day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was going to spare you another coupon story but David thought it would be a good pic with all the cans. So here is today's Walgreen trip. This is the most transactions I've done at one time and the most Registry Rewards (ie RR) that I have rolled in one visit.

Transaction 1:
Right Guard deodorant at $2.99
2 Listerine Total Care mouth wash at $4.50 each
Dawn dish soap at $0.99 with in store ad coupon
1 Coke - $1.25

free Right Guard deodorant coupon from Smart Source (sorry no longer available)
2 $2/1 mouthwash coupon printable here
$0.50 Dawn coupon
$3.00 RR received at previous Walgreen's trip

$2.00 RR from deodorant
$4.50 RR from mouth wash

Out of Pocket = $4.99 (with taxes)

Transaction 2:
20 cans of chicken broth

$4.50 RR (from transaction 1)
$2.00 RR (from transaction 1)

$3.00 RR

Out of Pocket = $4.10 (with taxes)

Transaction 3:
1 Coke - $1.25
1 Diet Coke - $1.25
1 Dr. Pepper $1.25

$3.00 RR (from transaction 2)

Out of Pocket = $0.98 (with taxes)

Final Costs = $10.07

Saturday Visitors

Caleb had a good time hanging out with his cousin ,Jeremiah, on Saturday. They had fun chasing each other through the house, wrestling in the floor and playing with all the toys in the toy box. Jeremiah was riding on the tractor and Caleb thought he needed to hitch a ride with him.

We were also glad that Pappy and Uncle Jason got to come. Pappy brought Caleb a little nerf, Razorback baseball that he has enjoyed playing with. Since they left every now and then Caleb will just randomly say "Pappy". Sorry Mom, he'll eventually learn how to say Grandma.