Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bread Crumb Blessings

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the stale bread crumbs that are in our bed right now. While this may sound silly and while yes they are a bit scratchy they bring a smile to my face as I remember the little boy that was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in our bed just a few hours ago as he sat and watched Imagination Movers. Thank you so much for our little boy and all that you have blessed us with. Amen

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rainy Day

I love a good rainy day every now and then and I think Caleb also didn't mind waking up to another day of showers. We recently had some french drains installed in our yard in attempt to hopefully solve some of our water drainage issues. Since it was coming down pretty good David decided to come home from work for a few minutes just to check and see if the drains were working properly, make sure the pop ups were doing what they were suppose to and see exactly where any water might be pooling. Caleb didn't want to miss out on any of the fun so we put his "mud boots" on as he calls them and let him spend some time splashing around outside. He loved it and couldn't have been happier with the start of his day.

After lunch I decided to get out the paints since it had been a while since we had played with them. Caleb loves it when we get them out but thinks every time we do he needs to paint his hand. Today was no different as he applied paint all over them and then tried to stamp them on the paper. He also insisted that he have some pink colored paint. I resisted at first before finally giving in and let him have just a little bit (ha, ha).
No rainy day would be complete without a nap so after we finished painting we piled up into my bed where we both proceeded to catch a little shut eye. After a few hours I finally had to go in and wake Caleb up. He resisted at first until I whispered in his ear and asked if he would like some popcorn. This seemed to do the trick as he immediately came to life from a dead sleep and smiled and said "Yes".

All in all it was a great day, too bad bedtime was a totally different story. I think I started trying to put him down around 8:30pm and after getting up several times I think ,fingers crossed super tight, that he might have finally decided to give up and go to sleep (it's currently close to 10:00pm).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Remind Me Again Why We Bought You a Bed

Caleb is currently going through what I hope and assume is just a phase where he keeps getting out of bed and coming into our room at night and wants to get in bed with us. Call me mean but this is a habit that I didn't really want to get started and had said, prior to having kids of course, that I was not going to let him sleep with us. While I still for the most part stand behind this prior conviction I will admit I have caved and allowed him to crawl up in bed with us some nights and hide behind the excuse that there will be a day when he will not be this small and will not want to snuggle with his momma. Caleb has so figured this out and the nights that he does come into our room he typically comes over to my side of the bed. He cracks me up because he doesn't say a word he just starts climbing up in bed, in fact he typically will not even respond if you talk to him as if he is thinks he is invisible and can only be seen if he says something.

This new phase isn't necessarily a nightly occurrence but I'll admit it is happening a little more frequent than I would prefer. When he does come into our room and it was one of the actual times when we do let him in bed with us we only let him stay for a little while or until he falls back to sleep and then we carry him back to his room. This is partly because we don't want this to become any more of a habit than it already is and secondly because the poor kid typically tosses and turns and never gets truly settled.

As I mentioned we do not always let him get in bed with us and will often take him back to his room and tuck him back in and remind him that he needs to stay in his bed. Some nights we have had to do this a couple of times. Last Monday night was no exception as he kept coming into our room and we kept putting him back to bed. I guess he finally decided he would compromise and at some point snuck back into our room complete with his pillow and blanket only for us to find this the following morning (May 4)....
....break my heart, he just wanted to be close to his momma and dada even if it meant having to sleep in the floor. Last night we stood firm and did not let him get in bed with us so he once again thought he would sneak back in and just sleep in the floor. We actually heard him this time and David took him back to bed. He however turned on his stealth mode and sometime within the night snuck back in only for us to find him this morning asleep again in the doorway of our room.

Now for those of you that are starting to judge and think we are totally mean parents we did let him get in bed with us Sunday night as he woke up scared from all the thunder and lightening. I heard him crying and got up and met him as he was headed to our room. I then put him in bed with us and snuggled until the storms passed through and after he fell back to sleep put him back to his bed where he slept the rest of the night.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm a Mom

Today was one of those days that I was just in awe at the fact that I have a little guy calling me mom/mommy/mama and yes sometimes even Melody. There are days that I just look at him and can't believe that I'm looking at my little boy and that I am actually a mom. It was the sweetest little thing as David brought him over to me this morning while I was getting ready for church and I heard Caleb tell me "Happy Mother's Day", awe melt my heart. Later in the day Caleb surprised me with a gift certificate to get a pedicure. He definitely knew what mommy needed!

It has been such a blessing today to get to celebrate Mother's Day with my two very special guys, my Mom and David's parents. We continued in our tradition this year and had them all up for lunch after church along with my little brother. It was great to all spend the afternoon together. My mom asked if there was anything that she could bring up and I said just flowers from my grandma's yard. She delivered in a big way and ended up bringing me enough for three vases of flowers. They smell great and it was nice to reminisce with my Mom about the memories of the flowers at my Grandma's house. God is good!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Today after church Caleb got to attend his first Razorback baseball game! David told him on Friday that we were going to go to the game and that Pappy (my Dad) and Papa (David's Dad) were also going to be there. He has asked us about it ever since but keeps asking us about going to the football game. When he woke up this morning he came into our room while we were getting ready for church and asked if we were going to the football game. While he has had his sports a little mixed up he has been very excited all the same.

When we arrived at the game he kept asking about Papa and at one point as we were walking toward the stadium started yelling "Papa where are you".

He actually lasted longer than I thought before he got too restless. I can't say he actually watched very much of the game but one thing that he definitely paid attention to was the guy that shot t-shirts out of launcher up into the crowd. This seems to be the one event of the game that made an impression and he has talked about it periodically ever since we got home. While the Hogs didn't exactly play the greatest it was still a great afternoon. Caleb had fun playing with the folding seats, watching the game for a few minutes, getting his picture made with Big Red and walking around the stadium once with his Pappy and another time with his Papa.