Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mother's Day

Once again I decided to subject my kiddos to multiple attempts of taking pictures on Mother's Day.  I'm blaming our church for some of these (ha) as our church was so sweet and had various areas set up before and after services that families could have their picture taken.  They gave each Mom a free 5x7 photo that was ready to be picked up the following Sunday.  We didn't see the photo stations set up outside until we had already had our picture taken inside so David was a big sweetie and went home and got our camera between services so that we could take a few photos outside after church.

Hey when you can't get them to join you in taking a serious posed picture you just get crazy and strike whatever pose you feel like.

Caleb decided he wanted to be the photographer for awhile and took a few pictures for us. 

After church we went back to our house for what has become our family tradition of having our Moms over for Mother's Day lunch.