Thursday, May 30, 2013

9 months old - Joshua

Happy 9 months Joshua!  Here is a little information about you (April 4 - May 4):

* You are not making any attempts to crawl

* You can roll over from your stomach to your back but are content with this and still haven't decided to roll from your back to your stomach

* You are wearing a size 2 diaper

* This month we introduced Yo Baby blueberry yogurt and you are eating apples with blueberries baby food.

* You started eating Gerber Graduate Puffs.  It's so cute watching you pick up the little star shaped puffs with your fingers and put them in your mouth.

* We finally found a green vegetable that you like.....broccoli!

* You currently do not have any teeth

* Mommy makes some of your baby food but not all of it

* You still take 2 naps a day and are still sleeping through the night

* You eat solid food 3 times a day and nurse 4-5 times a day

* You are not interested in drinking out of a cup or a bottle

* You love necklaces and always try to grab them if someone is wearing one when they are holding you.  You love Daddy's work badge and always want it when he comes home from work.

You weren't really feeling like taking pictures so later in the day I decided to try to take a few more and brought in reinforcements, your big brother, to see if he could get you to laugh. 

Hey Bubba, what are you doing over there?
 Love you sweet boy!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Finally after 8 years someone is building on the empty lot across from us!  It has been the only vacant lot in our neighborhood for a while now and I think all of the people on our street were starting to wonder if anyone was every going to build on it.  Caleb has loved watching them build and has kept a close eye on the progress and is always giving us an update on what the workers are doing.  Around mid April they started putting the sheetrock up.  Caleb enjoyed just sitting on the sidewalk watching them deliver it.  They had to take the upstairs window out so that they could use a crane and deliver the sheetrock on the second floor through the window space.  I thought it was so cute that he went and got his vest to put on as if he was one of the workers.  He sat and watched them on the sidewalk for a while or he would just ride his bike up and down the street keeping an eye on what they were doing.  I love this sweet boy and how he just enjoys life and takes time to soak it all in!

8 months old - Joshua

8 month update (March 4- April 4)
* Mommy made a 2nd batch of homemade baby food, carrots and green beans.
* Some foods we introduced you to this month:  bananas, Yoplait baby banana yogurt, pears, Yoplait pear yogurt, green beans, sweet potatoes with corn, a few bites of mashed potatoes.
* You wear a size 2 diaper
* You started waving your hand some but not in response to bye bye
* You take two naps a day
* You nurse 4 times a day and eat baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner
* You are babbling a lot
* You really enjoy taking baths and splashing in the water. 
* You are sleeping through the night.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Sorry but I had to go back and capture a few pictures of my sweet baby boy's first Easter.  I love Easter and am like a little kid when it comes to getting to dye Easter eggs.  This year we dyed eggs two different times because Caleb asked if we could pretty early in the month and I decided why not :) I'll admit I was just about as giddy as Caleb was the night before Easter.  I told David when I was younger I could hardly go to sleep the night before Easter because I was excited for the Easter Bunny to visit now it's because I can't wait to see the excitement on the boys faces when they wake up and see what the Easter Bunny left. :)
 It was so fun watching Caleb look for eggs and shake each one to see if it had something inside.  We also enjoyed getting to watch Joshua dive into his first Easter basket.
Joshua's First Easter Basket

 We attempted to take a few family pictures but Joshua was not having it that morning and to get both boys at this stage to look at the camera and smile at the same time is nearly impossible so you just have to go with it.

 We went to Nana and Papa's after church for lunch and Caleb couldn't stay out of the ham before lunch was served.  That boy loves him some ham!
 Nana had a super cute table fixed for Easter and folded these sweet little bunny napkins.

We had a nice Easter and enjoyed getting to spend some time with family.