Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It's crazy how a little warmer weather and sunshine can totally effect your whole attitude and just make your whole day better.  Today was a great day!

After picking Caleb up from school the boys and I headed to Braum's for a little ice cream treat and then some much appreciated time at the park.  These two had a blast and are totally in their element outside. They love being able to run around, throw rocks, be loud and all the other things that boys like to do.

Going to the park will definitely not be for the faint of heart this summer keeping up with these two.  Gone are the days of just pushing Joshua around in his stroller while Caleb plays or having him just sit on a blanket and play in one spot.  This boy (Joshua) is mobile and is trying to keep up with his big brother with everything he has.

Caleb was super sweet and took Joshua down the slide a few times and did a great job, with only a little bit of protest, of being as patient as he could to take turns playing in areas he wanted to go while making sure we played in areas that Joshua could also play.

I love this picture of Caleb playing "SWAT team" in the background while Joshua is swinging.  This is Caleb's latest imagination play.  He did a really good job of staying close by where I could see him while Joshua got to swing on the swings.

They both had a great time playing at the park and desperately wanted to get into the water but mustered up as much contentment as they could with just playing at the edge of the water.  We managed to leave with only a little bit of a wet shoe which is an accomplishment as it never fails that I end up caving and  Caleb ends up in the water before the trip is over.

So happy for some warmer weather today and am looking forward to many more trips to the park this Spring and Summer.

Come on Spring!!!!