Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ocean Day!

Today was the long awaited for Ocean Day!!!  We have heard about this event for a few weeks now and the Kindergartners have been busy earning, and in some cases losing, their Ocean Day tickets that they would need to participate in various activities and games.  I'll admit I was starting to wonder if Caleb would actually get to play any games today because I think he was losing his tickets just as quickly as he was earning them (they had to give the teachers back tickets if they were misbehaving).  I was able to volunteer at Ocean Day today while Joshua spent the day with his Nana and Papa.
The Kindergartners were equipped with their sack of tickets and were allowed to decide how they wanted to redeem their tickets throughout the morning with the exception that each of them had to keep 3 tickets that they would use for popcorn, a Capri Sun and to watch a movie once all of their other tickets ran out.  Each of the three Kindergarten class rooms were set up with various stations.  Some of the options included playing in shaving cream, searching for buried treasures in the sand inside a kiddie swimming pool, making a fish, creating an ocean mobile, fishing for candy, etc.
I love this picture of Caleb and his friend Ray Ray. They are in the same classroom and Ray Ray also lives down the street from us.
His fish

I manned the shaving cream table.  It was fun watching the kids decide how they wanted to spend their tickets or see them come in excited about the treasure they found in the sand or the picture they had made. 

We finished up Ocean Day right at lunch time so I stayed and had lunch with Caleb before heading home.  So glad I got to spend time with him this morning at school.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It's crazy how a little warmer weather and sunshine can totally effect your whole attitude and just make your whole day better.  Today was a great day!

After picking Caleb up from school the boys and I headed to Braum's for a little ice cream treat and then some much appreciated time at the park.  These two had a blast and are totally in their element outside. They love being able to run around, throw rocks, be loud and all the other things that boys like to do.

Going to the park will definitely not be for the faint of heart this summer keeping up with these two.  Gone are the days of just pushing Joshua around in his stroller while Caleb plays or having him just sit on a blanket and play in one spot.  This boy (Joshua) is mobile and is trying to keep up with his big brother with everything he has.

Caleb was super sweet and took Joshua down the slide a few times and did a great job, with only a little bit of protest, of being as patient as he could to take turns playing in areas he wanted to go while making sure we played in areas that Joshua could also play.

I love this picture of Caleb playing "SWAT team" in the background while Joshua is swinging.  This is Caleb's latest imagination play.  He did a really good job of staying close by where I could see him while Joshua got to swing on the swings.

They both had a great time playing at the park and desperately wanted to get into the water but mustered up as much contentment as they could with just playing at the edge of the water.  We managed to leave with only a little bit of a wet shoe which is an accomplishment as it never fails that I end up caving and  Caleb ends up in the water before the trip is over.

So happy for some warmer weather today and am looking forward to many more trips to the park this Spring and Summer.

Come on Spring!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

Sunday night we had our neighbors, The Brantleys, over to eat chili and carve pumpkins.  It was perfect weather and we had a great time hanging out together.  John and Caleb enjoyed getting to help cut the tops off the pumpkins and scrape out the insides before they decided to go back to playing and running around.

Daniel busy working on drawing out his "N" for his Nebraska pumpkin.  Who knew you needed a ruler and power tools for pumpkin carving.

The pumpkin I created.

The pumpkin David carved based off of a drawing that Caleb created.  Caleb's version was a little bit scary, I wish I would have thought and took a picture of his drawing.  You can't tell in this picture but the pumpkin also has some blood drawn on it with a red sharpie per Caleb's request, lol.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Festival

We went to Caleb's first school Fall Festival on Friday!  He had a great time getting to pick and choose what games and activities he wanted to spend his tickets on.
We arrived at 4:00pm when it kicked off and decided to get in line for the face painting right as it opened so that we didn't have to wait in line for a long time later on.  While Joshua and I saved our spot in line Caleb and David made a little toolbox at the Home Depot booth which was right next to the face painting booth.  The timing couldn't have worked out any better, as soon as he finished his building project he was next in line to get his face painted.  David and I joked about how he will sit so still to get his face painted but any other time you can't get him to sit this still.  He loved how it turned out and didn't want to wash it off that night when it was time for bed.

He had a lot of fun playing on the inflatables, going through some mazes, playing games, winning a cupcake at the cupcake walk, eating ice cream and socializing with his friends.  While Caleb played David and I reminisced about the different activities we had at our school carnivals.

 (David and I both remember "going fishing" at our school carnivals growing up).

 Little brother loves him some food and was not happy with the ice cream was all gone.

 (I love this sweet picture of Caleb and John together in the skeleton photo prop)

I would say that we can mark this night down as a huge success.  We all had a great time, the weather was perfect and it was just starting to get pretty crowded as we were leaving.  I love this time of year and am loving participating in things with Caleb during his first year of school!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Tuesday!

I'm happy to report that Caleb got up out of bed as soon as his alarm went off this morning, turned it off, got dressed and then came downstairs without any assistance or coaxing.  He was excited and ready to head back to school this morning.  Today he decided he wanted me to drop him off and not walk in with him.  I obliged but I'll admit I didn't like it and it took me a few minutes to quit wondering this morning whether or not he found his classroom ok.  This afternoon Joshua and I went to a couple of stores and it was really weird passing by the school knowing Caleb was in there.  I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch him just for a day :-).

He had his first homework assignment tonight.  I let him watch TV for a few minutes when he got home from school and then let him know he needed to do his homework.  He didn't give me any fits and he said that he needed a desk like school to do his homework (which is funny because they sit at tables not in desks) and that he wanted to sit in the desk we have upstairs.  Thankfully tonight's homework was super easy and took him just a few seconds to complete.  He just had to color the border around a worksheet that I'm assuming he will fill out and complete in class tomorrow (at least that was this momma's understanding of the directions).

Joshua has recently decided to venture out and crawl up the stairs.  He has only done it a couple of times but not enough that we have had to worry about it and put up the gate.  Well, this all changed this afternoon.  After Caleb got home from school Joshua decided that he likes this stair climbing business and kept trying to climb up them.  Looks like the baby gate will be going up at the Winberry house.

We also discovered that this little guy really likes black beans.  He just kept shoveling them in.

Big brother didn't want to miss out on being involved in the action so he decided to slap a little jello on his face so we would take his picture.