Sunday, October 17, 2010

Right Choices Corn Maze

Today after church we met the Keys and took a road trip to Missouri to the Right Choices Corn Maze. This was our first time to go so we weren't exactly sure what to expect.

We started out by first checking out the pumpkins.

Here the boys are trying to pick up the pumpkins.

The boys enjoyed getting to ride down the slide on potato sacks.

They also got to check out some of the animals on the farm.

It was a little warm out so the boys had to stop and get their sip on while we waited for the tractors to come back around for the hay ride.

Caleb loved the tire swing and probably would have been content riding on this for the majority of the afternoon.

I really thought Caleb's favorite event of the day would be the cow train but I was surprised when it ended up being the corn box (get it sandbox, corn box). He LOVED playing in the corn and literally threw himself into it and swam around.

At one point we looked over and he had taken off his shoes and was using it as a shovel. Definitely all boy and I have to give him props for his inventiveness.

Then he decided it wasn't enough to just have his shoes off he now needed to take off his socks.

We finally got him out of the corn box to go and take a ride on the cow train. He picked the very first cow right up front after the tractor. I asked him if he wanted to ride by himself or if he wanted Mommy or Daddy to ride with him and he said he wanted to ride by himself.

Of course no family outing would be complete without a total melt down and fit. This one occurred at the very end of the day and in case you didn't know it even corn mazes have a "time out" spot. (This picture totally cracks me up and is sadly one of my favorite. How pathetic is it that we made him set in time out at the corn maze. Hey it's all about "Right Choices" remember.)

Thanks Keys for letting us go with you!