Monday, March 30, 2009


Tonight while driving home from Nana and Papa's Caleb and I decided to turn off the radio and make our own tunes. I would first sing him a song while he patiently listened and waited and then he would serenade me with his own little medley. We went back and forth like this pretty much all the way home. I would sing then he would sing...back and forth. It's too bad that we didn't have a tape recorder because I'm sure some top hits were made tonight. It was so sweet just listening to him and watching how he was so patient to wait until it was his turn to sing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I would love to take credit for these but these are some of David's recent pics of Caleb. Our little guy is getting big so quickly.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dada!

We have had a great time celebrating David's least I have and I'm hoping he has to. Caleb even got into the fun and has been a very busy little artist making some very special birthday gifts for David. I may not be the greatest about writing in Caleb's baby book but one thing I definitely love to do is stamp his hands and feet. As you may recall from one of my earlier posts David and I decided to stamp Caleb's hands and feet every month for the first year. So I decided why stop there and have found a love for Crayola brand washable finger paints. I guess it's a little sad that Caleb already smiles when he sees the paint and knows exactly what to do after it has been applied to his hand. So in honor of David's birthday our little Picasso made his Dada a very special birthday card and picture! I originally thought we would just make a card for David but suddenly had a hair brained idea to let Caleb try finger painting for the first time. Yes, I realize this could have spelled disaster and a nice mess to clean up but he loved it and amazingly only got it on his hands and a little on his arm. I showed him at first how to put his finger in the paint and tap it on the paper and he was off from there. I didn't help him at all except for turning the paper every now and then so he wasn't getting paint in just one spot. He did a great job and we will definitely do it again sometime. This was my favorite gift that we gave David.

Not quite sure if it's ok to actually touch the paint

After I put his finger in the paint and reassured him it was ok to play in it.

Busy at work creating his first masterpiece.

Viola, the finished product!
BTW I did not put paint on his hand in order to create the hand print in his picture. He managed this all on his own.

Birthday card

For David's birthday we also enjoyed a great dinner at Herman's last night with friends, lunch today after church and dinner tonight at Bud's with his parents. In honor of David's big day we decided to join a band (well Guitar Hero World Tour, which David was shocked I actually bought) and have already enjoyed playing several gigs. It's been a great day!

We love you lots and lots David and are so glad that we got to spend this special day with you. You are a great husband, dad and friend. We hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as we did.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

P.S. sorry all of the pictures are of Caleb even though it was your birthday :-)

"Where is he?"

....this has become Caleb's new favorite phrase. He loves to hide behind the curtains in his room or behind a door and say "Where is he?" and wait for us to respond "Where's Caleb......There he is!"

He also does this when we are changing his clothes. As we are putting his shirt on or taking it off he will say "Where is he?". If this isn't followed by a response from us he will just keep saying it until we respond or simply just answer himself and say "There he is". No door or curtain available well this doesn't stop the fun. Last week while I was feeding him lunch he just out of the blue put both hands in front of his face and said "Where is he?" while peaking through between his fingers. This has become a very good game to keep him occupied when we are changing his diaper and he has more important things to do than lay still while we finish.