Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days!

Last week we finally had some long awaited for snow days!  I love a good snow day where everything is completely covered, school is closed, roads are yucky, David has to stay home and where everything just seems to come to a stand still for a little while.  I love how snow days just make you want to be under a big blanket all cozy and warm, how they make you snuggle with your loved ones a little more, how they cause you to do things as a family, how they make you want to bake and make soup and how they just cause you to rest.  I love them even more now that I'm a stay at home mom and don't have to worry about whether or not I can get to work and I don't have feel guilty if I choose to not go into work.

When we were going through the One Year Chronological Bible study by Iva May I loved what she pointed out in Job about how God speaks through inclement weather.  Iva writes in this study that God offers two main points: 

1.  "God uses inclement weather conditions to command man's attention by revealing man's helplessness"  "Inclement weather reveals man's helplessness as it halts work efforts; man can do nothing to change the weather."

"For He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth': likewise to the gentle rain and the heavy rain of His strength.  He seals the hand of every man, that all men may know His work: (Job 37:6-7)".

2.  "God uses weather conditions to command man's attention by revealing the greatness of God."

"He comes from the north as golden splendor; with God is awesome majesty.  As for the Almighty, we cannot find Him; He is excellent in power, in judgment and abundant justice; He does not oppress.  Therefore men fear Him; He shows no partiality to any who are wise of heart"  (Job 37:22-23)

Iva had us read Job 35:1-37:24, 38 and asked "What does the Lord communicate about Himself to Job through re-directing Job's attention to His creation?"

Definitely makes me think about his now every time we have a snow day.

So how did we spend our snow days.........

The boys and David played in the snow and went sledding (I'll admit I didn't get out this time)

The boys and I made homemade bird feeders.  We had a lot of fun watching the birds over the next week eat off our bird feeders and even had a pretty, red cardinal visit us.

David and Caleb attempted to make homemade Doritos. I don't think this is a recipe we will be repeating any time soon but it was still fun.
David and Caleb built a snowman and an igloo/fort. 

Lazed around and watched TV

And of course spent some time on the Ipad and computer

The best thing was even though we were out of school for three days only two days counted against us as we were already scheduled to be out on Monday due to a teachers' professional development day.

Hope you got some snow and enjoyed your snow days!

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