Saturday, July 31, 2010

Potty Training - Day 3

I'm happy to announce our third and final day of House Arrest (aka potty training) is over. Shhhh...don't tell anyone but we technically broke free around 5:30pm and went to the neighborhood pool for a little while.

It honestly wasn't all that bad as David and I did a little tag teaming and I was able to get out of the house a couple of times. Caleb did great today, he had one poop accident tonight but other than that he as either told us when he needed to go potty or just simply went to the bathroom and took care of things all by himself.

One final story and then I promise to be done with giving potty updates.....last night Caleb was having trouble going to bed. Around 11:00pm I hear something and figure he is probably gathering up his blankets in attempt to sneak into our room and sleep in the floor. I decide to get up and check on him and am surprised to see the bathroom light on in the hall. I think surely not but yes this little guy has gotten up out of bed, gone into the bathroom and went to the potty all by himself. I think surely he must have wet the bed but was in disbelief when he said he was all dry and there wasn't even a drop in his underwear. Yahoo! Believe me I realize we will still have some accidents and I know that there will be nights when he might accidentally wet the bed but I think we have had a very successful 3 days and am so completely proud of Caleb. He has been so various times when David and I were telling him good job or would be letting him know how proud we are of him he would tell us thanks. Love, love, love him to pieces. Wish us luck tomorrow at church that we make it through with no accidents.

Here are a few pics of our "big boy" in his new underwear.


Kimberley said...

such a big boy! so proud of him! you survived! :)

Beth said...

yahoo! Way to go. I knew he could do it. what to do with all that extra money from the diapers?

STEPH said...

yay... Love it! Great job Caleb! Jeremiah will be so proud when I share the good news.