Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie Time

What a great day today has been! A great time of praise and worship, lunch with friends, our traditional Sunday afternoon nap and then finished off with taking Caleb to see his first movie at the movie theater.

I'll admit I was a bit nervous how our trip to see Toy Story 3 would turn out as our little guy doesn't exactly have the longest attention span but he did great and I think ate his weight in popcorn.

He seemed to be excited about what lay in store for him and kept asking me "they going to catch the truck" and talking about a rocket which I didn't quite understand until David told me he was referring to the original Toy Story. I was surprised he even remembered that scene since he has only seen Toy Story 1 or 2 times.

Caleb was very busy as we arrived at the theater and had to check out the fountain inside.....

.....the arcade room where he had to touch/play with all of the different games

.....and concluded with examining the candy case at the concession stand.

We were very cheesy and took several pictures of Caleb's first time at the movies before the show actually started. I'm sure our friend Greg that went with us thought we were a bit silly but luckily there was another family in front of us doing the same thing with their kids so we took turns taking group pictures for each other.

Caleb loaded up on popcorn, candy and juice. There was really only one section toward the end of the movie when he got a bit restless. Like any good mother I simply reminded him he needed to stay in his seat and quickly offered him more sweet tarts.

There were a few times during the movie that I was afraid that he might get a little scared. The little boy in front of us got scared and once even cried and I was anxiously waiting to see if Caleb would follow suit but he held strong. Toward the very end of the movie he did get a little nervous in the scene where the toys are being pulled in the trash toward the fire at the dump but he just looked at me and said "They going to be OK?" (how sweet is that).

He really seemed to have a good time and made us so proud of how good he acted. He seemed so big sitting in his own chair watching the movie and at the end said "It's over" and clapped.

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Beth said...

So sweet! Glad he liked it. Love the pic of him w/the popcorn....