Friday, July 30, 2010

Potty Training - Day 2

We have successfully completed our second day of potty training with flying colors! I am absolutely so proud of Caleb! He was dry when he woke up this morning, has had 4 successful trips to the potty where he told us he needed to go, 1 successful pee pee in the yard that he handled all by himself (I'll share that story in a minute), 1 successful pee pee right before bedtime that we initiated and only 1 poop accident.

With the 3 day potty training method we are following you are suppose to be glued to their side for 3 full days giving praise, encouragement, and reminders without actually telling them to go potty. It's all about trying to empower them to read their own body signs and know when they need to go. Now of course if you see them start going or if they are doing some serious pee pee dance don't just stand their get them to the bathroom as fast as you can.

Since Caleb had done so well today I decided to deviate from the manual and give him a little slack and let him play by himself for a few minutes while I finished up dinner before David got home. I so wish I would have grabbed my camera before rushing outside because the scene I saw outside my kitchen window was priceless. As I'm getting something out of the refrigerator I turn to look out the window and check on Caleb only to be greeted by a little white bottom "mooning" me and a little boy successfully pee peeing in the yard. I rushed outside to see if he needs help and ask him if needs new underwear only to be told "no, I pee pee in the grass" and am imformed that his underwear are all clean/dry. Huge successes as far as I'm concerned. He didn't bother to come get me he just dropped his drawers and took care of business without pee peeing any in his underwear. Yeah Caleb!


Kimberley said...

that is great!!! yea caleb!!

Beth said...

Way to go Caleb! Such a big boy!