Friday, July 23, 2010

Little Helper

Caleb is being quite the little helper this morning. I asked him to take his toys and blankets back to his room and without any argument he put his things up. He was a little concerned whether or not I was going to pick up my things but after assuring him I would he sprang into action.

I later asked him to get the vacuum out for me and without any hesitation he went to the hall closet, got out the vacuum, brought it to the living room and then came into the bedroom where I was at and let me know he had gotten it out for me. He then told me "Caleb first" so I decided to go ahead and let him try a turn at vacuuming. I'm starting to think he would have kept doing it all morning if I hadn't stepped in and asked to help him finish.


Kimberley said...

love it! i always vacuum without pants too! :)

Beth said...

so cute, that's exactly what I wear when I vacuum.