Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good Idea?

I have officially decided that I'm the queen of good intentions but poor execution. Let me explain.....

1. I either come up with an idea that I think is really good and never actually go through with it. Example: The flowers that I meant to send to my friend on her first day back to work from maternity leave

2. I have plans to do something but I'm so worried about finding the perfect materials that I end up just never following through with the project. Example: Caleb's birth announcements. No yours didn't get lost in the mail I just never ordered them. Oh, don't get me wrong I searched the internet and stores for days for the perfect announcement, calculated the cost, had all of the address labels typed up but never ended up actually ordering any because I couldn't decide which one to order and which picture of Caleb to use. This is my first of many regrets as a mom.

3. I come up with what I think is a great idea or gift but the work involved in executing the plan and/or finding the perfect materials almost takes the fun out of doing it. Example: The mini scrapbooks that I made for my nieces that I wanted to be just right and stayed up until 2am finishing them the night before their birthday party.

So here is my latest great idea that is turning out to be quite the challenge.....I've decided in effort to try to make up for the fact that I don't have a birth announcement in Caleb's baby book I would try to capture his footprint and/or hand print in a scrapbook each month. I just love his little hands and feet and thought it would be neat later to look back and see how much they changed during his first year. Now some of you are thinking what a cute idea but those of you who have kids are already snickering and shaking your head in laughter at this poor unseasoned mom and her starry eyed dreams of actually being able to get a baby to cooperate in this task. After having attempted to do this a couple of times now I have decided that those cute hand prints you see in pictures are either prints off of a baby doll or are done when they are older and then photoshopped to decrease the size to make it look like it's a newborns hand print. If any of you have been able to successfully pry the death grip of your baby's hand and actually lay it flat on a piece of paper by all means please share your advice. Yes, I realize some of you are thinking well just wait until he is asleep. Well, the probably with that is first I don't want to wait until he is a sleep I want to do it when I'm ready (yes, I realize I still have a lot to learn about this new role as a mother but I'm just being honest) and second Caleb is more of a power naper vs. a long endurance sleeper so when he does go to sleep I definitely do not wish to disturb him if at all possible. The other problem with this so called great idea of mine is now I have to find the perfect album to put the prints in once I capture them and come up with the perfect stamp to use each month. You know the magic ink pad that is non toxic, washes off with just a baby wipe, dries quick, doesn't smudge and stamps a true black not black with a purple tint. Oh some of you have finally gotten a glimpse of the true Melody and for that I'm truly sorry but this is the crazy, perfectionist, nut that my husband deals with and endures on a daily basis. Seriously if you have been able to accomplish this tasks successfully I would love to hear how you did it. I did do a little happy dance and was really pleased with the footprints I got last month, we didn't attempt to do his hand prints.


Anonymous said...

I always have great ideas and intentions but I am missing a few brain cells to actually execute them. Welcome to motherhood it only gets better.


Mary Jo said...

This crack me up! Caleb will never care about the birth announcements and the idea for his foot and hand prints is awesome! Whatever you can get will be great. Part of the sweetness of it will be the flaws. Amen, Kerri!!