Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday David!

Ok, so I'm a little late wishing David "Happy Birthday" on our blog considering it was March 1 but rest assured Caleb and I did remember his big day. I even decided to be cheesy and put David's gifts on the kitchen table after he went to bed so that he would find them when he woke up.

We started the day out by getting our haircut and then just lazed around the house which is what David said he wanted to do. Caleb's gift to his Daddy was a 2 hour nap so even though it was gorgeous outside David and I took advantage of some much deserved shut eye. This was the best gift Caleb could have given his Daddy and for those of you that know our little guy this was HUGE because he is not much of a napper.

We ended up finishing the day with dinner at Texas Land and Cattle. Caleb did great and we really enjoyed our evening out of the house.

Happy Belated Birthday David!

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