Saturday, February 2, 2008


I couldn't resist and had to get Caleb out to enjoy his first accumulated snow for a few minutes. I got him all bundled up in his snowsuit provided by Gayle Honea and Sherri Garner from church and off we went to brave the cold for just a few minutes.

It was a little bright for him outside and a bit challenging to really get his picture in the snow since he can't sit up so I ended up just propping him up against the fence.

This is his attempt at making a snow angel. He reminds me of one of the ewoks in Star Wars.

He didn't mind being outside but I think he preferred to be indoors.

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The Brown Family said...

I had no clue you guys had a blog! Yay! I love coming across new blogs of friends. Like I said at church yesterday...he is so cute and getting so big! I like your blog background...I almost used this one when I started mine.