Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Excited Boy

Someone was super excited about going to school this morning and had a bit of a breakdown when he thought he wasn't getting to go.  Caleb has this routine of waving bye to David of a morning and sometimes he has a little melt down if he thinks David doesn't see him waving goodbye or if he thinks that David didn't wave at him so I didn't think much of it when he came into the bedroom crying while I was getting ready and assumed that he was upset that David didn't wave long enough at him.  He comes in with big tears rolling down his face and asks "Momma am I not going to school today?" I explained that he was and was surprised why he was asking.  He then exclaims "well I can't because Daddy has my car seat" and then water works spring up in full gear.  Bless that babies heart.....we had forgot to move his car seat back into my car last night and he was afraid he wasn't going to get to go to school.  I felt so bad for him and quickly grabbed the phone and let him know we would call Daddy and he would come back and bring his car seat.  All was quickly fixed but he was a little worried until Daddy showed up and put everything back in order.  He then quickly ate breakfast and informed me he was ready to go to school.  I think he is just a wee bit excited because his school is having Spirit Night tonight at Chick-fil-a (this is his first Spirit Nigh) and they told them about it at school yesterday and he is super excited to go and was talking about this morning how he was going to see all his friends there.  As soon as we pulled up to school he immediately saw that they had a sign up reminding parents about Spirit Night and he got all excited again and told me he was going to ask his friends today if they were going to his Chick-fil-a.  Guess I know where we will be going tonight :-)

A little side note funny......yesterday when I picked Caleb up from school one of the bridge teachers motioned to the person assisting with car line that she would bring Caleb over to the car.  It always immediately makes you wonder when the teacher brings him over just what exactly you are getting ready to hear (lol).  Mrs. Amber explained that Caleb about gave them a heart attack on the playground.  She said that some of the kids came running over to her very distraught and explaining that Caleb was laying on the ground not moving and that they couldn't wake him.  Since Caleb was at that time climbing into the car I knew he was fine and immediately put two and two together and knew where this was headed.  She continued to explain that she rushed over to him and let the kids know not to touch him as she wasn't sure what was wrong and didn't want him moved.  She then attempted to wake him only to discover that he was just doing a super good job of pretending to be "dead" as he later told us.  You could tell it had definitely caused some excitement.  He of course thought it was funny when I asked him about it and told me he faked them out and was pretending to be dead (I've seen him do this before so I could just see this all playing out in my head).  Bless their poor hearts, needless to say we explained to him that wasn't a good idea.  I reminded him on the way to school this morning not to do that and he said "I know mom, dad told me last night when I was going to bed not to do it anymore.  Silly boy!

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