Sunday, May 2, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Today after church Caleb got to attend his first Razorback baseball game! David told him on Friday that we were going to go to the game and that Pappy (my Dad) and Papa (David's Dad) were also going to be there. He has asked us about it ever since but keeps asking us about going to the football game. When he woke up this morning he came into our room while we were getting ready for church and asked if we were going to the football game. While he has had his sports a little mixed up he has been very excited all the same.

When we arrived at the game he kept asking about Papa and at one point as we were walking toward the stadium started yelling "Papa where are you".

He actually lasted longer than I thought before he got too restless. I can't say he actually watched very much of the game but one thing that he definitely paid attention to was the guy that shot t-shirts out of launcher up into the crowd. This seems to be the one event of the game that made an impression and he has talked about it periodically ever since we got home. While the Hogs didn't exactly play the greatest it was still a great afternoon. Caleb had fun playing with the folding seats, watching the game for a few minutes, getting his picture made with Big Red and walking around the stadium once with his Pappy and another time with his Papa.