Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm a Mom

Today was one of those days that I was just in awe at the fact that I have a little guy calling me mom/mommy/mama and yes sometimes even Melody. There are days that I just look at him and can't believe that I'm looking at my little boy and that I am actually a mom. It was the sweetest little thing as David brought him over to me this morning while I was getting ready for church and I heard Caleb tell me "Happy Mother's Day", awe melt my heart. Later in the day Caleb surprised me with a gift certificate to get a pedicure. He definitely knew what mommy needed!

It has been such a blessing today to get to celebrate Mother's Day with my two very special guys, my Mom and David's parents. We continued in our tradition this year and had them all up for lunch after church along with my little brother. It was great to all spend the afternoon together. My mom asked if there was anything that she could bring up and I said just flowers from my grandma's yard. She delivered in a big way and ended up bringing me enough for three vases of flowers. They smell great and it was nice to reminisce with my Mom about the memories of the flowers at my Grandma's house. God is good!

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Kimberley said...

great picture of you two!! happy momma's day!