Friday, May 14, 2010

Rainy Day

I love a good rainy day every now and then and I think Caleb also didn't mind waking up to another day of showers. We recently had some french drains installed in our yard in attempt to hopefully solve some of our water drainage issues. Since it was coming down pretty good David decided to come home from work for a few minutes just to check and see if the drains were working properly, make sure the pop ups were doing what they were suppose to and see exactly where any water might be pooling. Caleb didn't want to miss out on any of the fun so we put his "mud boots" on as he calls them and let him spend some time splashing around outside. He loved it and couldn't have been happier with the start of his day.

After lunch I decided to get out the paints since it had been a while since we had played with them. Caleb loves it when we get them out but thinks every time we do he needs to paint his hand. Today was no different as he applied paint all over them and then tried to stamp them on the paper. He also insisted that he have some pink colored paint. I resisted at first before finally giving in and let him have just a little bit (ha, ha).
No rainy day would be complete without a nap so after we finished painting we piled up into my bed where we both proceeded to catch a little shut eye. After a few hours I finally had to go in and wake Caleb up. He resisted at first until I whispered in his ear and asked if he would like some popcorn. This seemed to do the trick as he immediately came to life from a dead sleep and smiled and said "Yes".

All in all it was a great day, too bad bedtime was a totally different story. I think I started trying to put him down around 8:30pm and after getting up several times I think ,fingers crossed super tight, that he might have finally decided to give up and go to sleep (it's currently close to 10:00pm).

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STEPH said...

Mel he looks so much like a little boy now! Oh and might I add that him and Jeremiah are definitely related... they look so much alike now to me!