Thursday, February 4, 2010

From the Mouth of Caleb

Caleb totally cracks us up sometimes. I love how he is putting more and more sentences together and can carry on a little conversation with you, or just himself for that matter. My Mom is always telling me that I should be writing down some of the things he says and she's right because I definitely won't remember all of the little random sayings later. I really just need to put a tape recorder in the car to capture some the random babbling and singing he does on the way home from Nana and Papa's when I pick him up after work.

Here are a couple of his thoughts from today:

Caleb: "Hold me"
Me: "I'm cleaning right now"
Caleb: "I know" (in a very exasperated tone)

If that doesn't make you feel guilty so that you stop and pick him up and give him a little squeeze.

While we were watching American Idol tonight (we are catching up on shows we have recorded) Caleb asks "Watch pants on the ground". They had showed clips earlier of people singing it. We didn't realize he was even paying attention to what was on TV to ask to see the 'Pants on the Ground' clips again.

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