Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sorry, I had to bring it up again....

I know I have mentioned Swagbucks before but I thought it was worth bringing up again as I just cashed in for my sixth $5 Amazon Gift card. That's $30 free bucks to utilize on amazon.com!

If your interested it's completely free and you earn points called Swagbucks for doing simple things like your normal online searches. You can then redeem them for things like gift cards or prizes. Here are a few examples of some of the gift cards you can earn:
  • $5 Amazon Gift Card (45 swagbucks)
  • $10 Starbucks Gift Card (130 swagbucks)
  • $15 iTunes Gift Card ( 185 swagbucks)

Click here to sign up. You will get 3 swagbucks just for signing up! Make sure you use Swagbucks once or twice a day in order to earn the most in the shortest amount of time.

1 comment:

STEPH said...

wow... 6 that's great! i've gotten 2 amazon cards! i'm about 1/2 way to my 3rd. yay swagbucks.