Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Caleb Stories

This week you have been all about "peek a boo" and "boo". I'm not sure what started it but you will just walk into a room or walk over to us and either say "peek a boo" or "boo". You think it is so funny and I have to admit it makes me laugh every time. You can be so silly.

Friday you and I ran a few errands at Target and Wal-Mart. You were so good in the stores and were very patient and didn't throw any fits. As we were leaving Wal-Mart we swung through the drive through at McDonald's and got a hamburger and french fries for lunch. As I was placing our order you asked for a shake and since you were so good while we were out I decided to get us one. You were super excited when you heard me order it and I'm not sure if you were afraid the truck in front of us was going to steal your shake or you just didn't want to wait your turn but from the back seat you said "Truck, I getting a shake!" all in the tone of move it truck you are in my way.

I don't do it every night but some nights I flip on the baby monitor just to check on you. A couple of weeks back I turned on the monitor only to discover your bed was completely empty. I mean no blankets, no stuffed animals and no Caleb. I knew that no one had come in and taken you but still mommy mode kicked in and I started thinking are you ok could you have fallen out of your toddler bed and knocked yourself out, etc. etc. Yes, I realize I was over analyzing the situation and even knew it at the moment but I decided I would feel better if I just when in and checked on you. When I opened the door there you were lying on the floor sound asleep in your little nest of blankets and stuffed animals. Since it was so cold outside I hated for you to sleep on the concrete floor so after letting Daddy come in and see you I put you back in bed.

I guess you must like mixing things up a bit because this past Wednesday night when I checked on you once again you had removed everything from your bed but this time when I came in your room you were coming out from inside your tent. I'm not sure if you had just gotten everything settled and were going to sleep or if I woke you up when I opened the door.

Friday afternoon you decided to climb out of your bed once again and put all your blankets and stuffed animals on the floor and take your nap on the floor. I decided since it was just nap time I would let you be.

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Beth said...

Sweet baby boy! Love the stories. So funny he likes making a 'nest' on the floor and sleeping there!