Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Home

Well after weighing all our options and much discussion, more so than I'm sure David cared for, we finally decided to take the plunge and buy a summer home! Now before you get too excited it's nothing overly elaborate and will sadly not be making it on the next tour of homes but we love it and think it will provide many hours of entertainment this summer. Since we didn't want something that we had to spend hours cleaning we went with a little less square footage than some of the other homes we looked at. It does however come furnished with a table and chairs, a very nice doorbell, phone, and shutters and a door that you can spend countless hours opening and shutting. Oh, and I must not forget a mail slot for all that highly important mail. So without further ado here is a look at the Winberry's summer estate.

Caleb was so excited when he saw it. He has already opened and shut the door and shutters a million times and can't get enough of ringing the door bell. He has several toy phones but he walked around carrying the phone that came with the house as if he had never had one. I think it has definitely been a hit and that he will enjoy playing in his new house this summer.


Kimberley said...

Looks like fun. Can Jacob come over to spend the night? :)

Beth said...

Oh I love it! THat is not just a summer toy, I totally see it sitting upstairs in the bonus room come winter. Congratulations Caleb, now you can move out of your parents house!

STEPH said...

fun! fun! This will be a blessing to you all for the next few years.