Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was going to spare you another coupon story but David thought it would be a good pic with all the cans. So here is today's Walgreen trip. This is the most transactions I've done at one time and the most Registry Rewards (ie RR) that I have rolled in one visit.

Transaction 1:
Right Guard deodorant at $2.99
2 Listerine Total Care mouth wash at $4.50 each
Dawn dish soap at $0.99 with in store ad coupon
1 Coke - $1.25

free Right Guard deodorant coupon from Smart Source (sorry no longer available)
2 $2/1 mouthwash coupon printable here
$0.50 Dawn coupon
$3.00 RR received at previous Walgreen's trip

$2.00 RR from deodorant
$4.50 RR from mouth wash

Out of Pocket = $4.99 (with taxes)

Transaction 2:
20 cans of chicken broth

$4.50 RR (from transaction 1)
$2.00 RR (from transaction 1)

$3.00 RR

Out of Pocket = $4.10 (with taxes)

Transaction 3:
1 Coke - $1.25
1 Diet Coke - $1.25
1 Dr. Pepper $1.25

$3.00 RR (from transaction 2)

Out of Pocket = $0.98 (with taxes)

Final Costs = $10.07


Beth said...

first off, glad you got some deoderant and mouth wash...just kidding. Second...i dont understand the walgreens stuff. You will need to do a post to explain that. Way to save!

Kimberley said...

That is a lot of chicken broth! Plan on cooking us something?

STEPH said...

hooray for frugal moms everywhere! way to go Mel... i love a good deal like this!

Kerri said...

Can you come over and give me a tutorial?