Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday Visitors

Caleb had a good time hanging out with his cousin ,Jeremiah, on Saturday. They had fun chasing each other through the house, wrestling in the floor and playing with all the toys in the toy box. Jeremiah was riding on the tractor and Caleb thought he needed to hitch a ride with him.

We were also glad that Pappy and Uncle Jason got to come. Pappy brought Caleb a little nerf, Razorback baseball that he has enjoyed playing with. Since they left every now and then Caleb will just randomly say "Pappy". Sorry Mom, he'll eventually learn how to say Grandma.

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STEPH said...

i'm so glad they are finally getting to a stage that they can play together. Jeremiah has been waiting for a boy playmate for awhile now. I love this pic... you'll have to send it to me so I can save it in mine.