Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Pies

I decided to back track a bit and post some pictures of Caleb and I making our first pies together. We did this at Mommy and Me on 11/20/08. It was a very easy recipe and not hard at all for the two of us to put together. I mean what could be easier than pre-made pie crust and pie filling.

First we cut our pie crust in half so we could make two small pies. Check out that look of concentration.
Next we added our pie filling. We decided to make one cherry and the other one blueberry.

Then we pinched the edges of our crust together. I think Grandma Foster would have been very proud of our technique.

Last we added a little butter and sugar on top and baked them in the oven (sorry no picture).

I think Caleb is definitely going to end up being my little helper in the kitchen. He has already been very busy assisting his Nana make cookies. Nana and Papa think the cookies that Caleb helps with are some of the best. I have to admit our pies turned our pretty good and I'm sure it was all because of Caleb's help. Who knows maybe the two of us will take this act on the road and start our own cooking show.


Beth said...

That's sweet. It cracked me up that he has a bib on. He was ready to eat them!!!

STEPH said...

it's genetic! he will have a disposition to be in the kitchen... now I know where the kids get it from. loved it!