Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Say It Isn't So

Panic attack on aisle 9, panic attack on aisle 9!

Well the day I feared was coming before too long is finally here. I decided to brave the cold tonight and venture out to my local Wal-Mart for a little shopping adventure only to hear the words that I had hoped would never be uttered " I'm sorry we no longer accept internet coupons". What! Doesn't the cashier attending to me know that my time is very precious and I can not have the time back that I just spent wondering the aisles and double/triple checking the wording on each and every coupon I was planning on using to make sure it correctly matched up with the items in my cart. Doesn't he know that I'm not one of those who makes copies of internet coupons and knowingly uses them fraudulently? Doesn't he know that I like coupon shopping and he has just stolen one of my true joys away from me? No he doesn't know this nor does he really care but I will say in his defense that he was very polite and didn't mind as I asked for my coupons back and proceeded to have him take the items off of my transaction.

I'm hoping that my local, very friendly, cashier was mistaken and this is not Wal-Mart's new policy but I am afraid that he is probably correct and the dreaded day has arrived and the misuse of some have ruined it for the rest of us. For those of you that enjoy the hunt of a good bargain and enjoy the clipping of a good coupon can you please join your local, neighborhood Wal-Mart shoppers for a moment of silence as we grieve the loss of the use of our beloved paper money in the form of internet coupons (at least at Wal-Mart). Sniff, sniff!


Marshall Brown said...

Maybe you shouldn't have used the coupons that Caleb drew with a crayon.

Beth said...

That totally cracked me up! I can see you at the register unloading all your stuff and going over to walgreens where they appreciate a bargin hunter!!!!

STEPH said...

too funny Mel! I guess I can't cry to much because well I never have really used the printed coupons. I do feel for you though; I know what accomplishment you felt with them. lol. Oh well now you just have to search for a way to get back at them!