Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Caleb had a very busy day yesterday celebrating the last of his first holidays (ie first Halloween). He has been recovering from a stomach bug and was a bit tired all day as he didn't have much of a nap but he was definietely a little trooper and enjoyed the day. We started off the day by going to see Grandma at her work. I'm not exactly sure why he got so tickled but he would all but cackle ever time she put a piece of candy in his little bucket. Grandma took him trick or treating at some of the different floors in her building. He liked putting things in his bucket and enjoyed the tiniest of sampling of a small Hershey bar that he got in his mouth and proceeded to put a death lock on in hopes of eating more. It took both of us to get it out of his mouth.

Next we had some errands to take care of and then got a quick cat nap in before going to see Daddy at his office. Caleb was a bit overwhelmed as there were a TON of kids trick or treating there. He was also a bit out of it since he had just woke up so we found one of the few areas were there wasn't anyone and let him roam around a little bit and wake up.

Then we were off to Nana and Papa's for some more trick or treating fun. Caleb got to ring the doorbell and had his first gummy bugs. It was so funny watching him eat them with his cheeks all pooched out.

Not done stop was the Springdale/Bentonville football game where Papa was the honorary captain. He loved being outside and enjoyed crawling on the field, listening to the band and watching all the people. We stayed for the first quarter and then decided it was probably time to get our little guy into bed.

We finally made it home where a very tired little boy didn't put up any kind of fight in going to bed.

Happy 1st Halloween Caleb!


Kerri said...

The little sock Monkey is way to cute.. Happy First Halloween Caleb

Dallas said...

So sweet! LOVE his hat at the game...very GQ!

The Rickard 5 said...

Love the monkey siut and the orange PJ's!

Lane said...

I love his costume! Too cute! and that picture of the three of you is such a good picture!! Those pictures you got of him on the field are too sweet.

Beth said...

I love all these pics. He is too cute. I really like the sock monkey outfit! And his jean jacket at the game, so stylish.