Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!

Happy birthday Caleb! It's hard to believe that a year ago today we were getting ready to meet you for the first time. I still remember holding you and just saying over and over how pretty you were. I thought you had the most perfect little lips and nose and still do. People told us that the time would fly by but I had no idea how quickly. It seems like we just blinked and you turned 1! Even after all the blogging, pictures taken and video shot it still doesn't seem enough. I hope that I never forget your first year of life.

I'm so glad that I was able to spend the day with you today. It was nice to just hang out and snuggle and be lazy together on this rainy day. Tonight we celebrated your birthday by going out to eat with Nana and Papa at Outback Steak House. You enjoyed eating potato soup, bread, green beans and baked potato. They even brought you out a hot fudge sundae to help celebrate your birthday. You loved sticking your hands in the whip cream and I brought a candle for us to light and sing happy birthday.

It is so fun to just watch you learn and grow. Each day you seem to be learning and discovering more and more. You love to roll around on the floor and wrestle. You think it is tons of fun to be tickled and have the best little laugh and squeal ever. You know how to blow your nose if we ask (thanks Papa). You can click your tongue and make all kinds of sounds with your mouth. If we ask you where the light is you look up and typically will point up. You will give us a kiss when we ask you to. Sometimes it is a wide open mouth kiss, others times you will pooch your lips to together a little and sometimes you simple just put your lips up to us.

Yours eyes sparkle every time you laugh or smile and are still very blue. You like books, being outside and love music. You often will hum or sing especially if you hear Daddy doing it. You love to dance when you hear music which either consists of you pumping your legs up and down or bouncing and kicking your feet if you are sitting.

Some words you can say are bye (typically followed by a wave), mama, Dada, dad, daddy and itty which equals kitty. You know how to roar if we ask you what a lion says and typically a puppy says boof, boof.

You have always been so alert and are all in all a very active little boy. Yesterday you decided to finally take your first steps unassisted. You love to eat and I'm not sure there is a food that you do not like. A few foods you really seem to like are yogurt, sweet potatoes and corn. Right now you have to have what ever Daddy and I are eating and you like getting to drink out of a straw.

We love you so much and are so glad that God has blessed and enriched our family with you. I'll admit it isn't always easy and we have definitely had to make some adjustments (ie. we no longer can just jump in the car and go, we can't travel quite as light anymore and naps are now on someone elses schedule) but we wouldn't trade this time for anything. I pray that God will continue to show your Daddy and I how to be the parents that he wants us to be and that we will learn to be the example to you of how to walk in his ways.

Happy Birthday!
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Dallas said...

well, you made me cry...thanks.

happy first birthday big boy. although, i think you'll always be "baby caleb" to nora. she loves you so much.

STEPH said...

i can't believe how he has changed in just the last 3 months. everyone can see that he is loved and very happy. keep up the good work! soak up every hug and kiss he will allow; for one day he will naturally respond "yuck" when you kiss him. you still have so many wonderful adventures ahead of you!

Kimberley said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! Where did that little baby go?

Beth said...

time does fly and I hate it. They grow up so fast. Happy Birthday Caleb. Hims a big boy and a pretty puppy!

Lane said...

Aww well said! He is such a sweetie. Happy late birthday Caleb!! :)

Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

Wow! Caleb is one! I can't believe it! Cherish every moment with him! Happy belated Birthday!