Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday........

Time to catch up on some birthday shout outs and pics. Happy Birthday.....

Back in September we helped celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday. We had a great time hanging out with family and enjoyed a day at the park. It's hard to believe he is already 3! Stephanie (my SIL) did a great job making his baseball birthday cake. Super cute! I will definitely keep this in mind for future cake ideas for Caleb.

Caitlin & Sierra
The first of October we went back to my brother's to celebrate my twin nieces 5th birthday. They decided on a princess/pumpkin theme. We had lots of fun carving a pumpkin, helping Steph put their cake together, making paperplate jack-o-lanters, playing pin the nose on the pumpkin and even Caleb got in on the fun of hitting the pinata. The girls were a little under the weather and didn't feel 100% but they seemed to still have a great time.



Last weekend we helped celebrate Kate's 2nd birthday at Gymboree. This was a great birthday party idea and the kids had a lot of fun playing. Caleb enjoyed climbing around and getting to play with the musical instruments.

The birthday girl

Caleb eating cupcake with his friend Jacob

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STEPH said...

love the birthday pics! lots of fun!