Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Babbling

Once again I'm a little behind on updating our blog so here is just some random things that have been going on:

#7 - Caleb's 7th tooth made an appearance on Thursday, September 11. This now makes 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. I haven't noticed any more bumped up gums so maybe we will hold off a little bit before the next one comes in. I say this but tooth #6 seemed to just come up out of nowhere so who knows he may wake up in the morning with another one.

Hold On Tight......or Don't - Caleb is getting more and more brave and is starting to let go of things more frequently and stand on his own. It's so funny to watch him get busy inspecting something or playing with something in his hands and suddenly realize hey wait I'm not holding on to anything. He will either quickly grab back hold or will just slowly squat down and sit. He hasn't attempted to take any steps without holding on to anything but he will walk if you hold his hand and is also starting to test his distance and reach out and see how far it is from one thing to the next.

Rx - Caleb finally had to have his first prescription filled. After a couple weeks of runny nose I decided on Friday it was finally time to call and see if he needed to come in and see the doctor. Looks like he has a little cold and was in the beginning stages of getting an ear infection due to the runny nose. We are currently taking Amoxicillin and hopefully will be able to get everything cleared up.

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