Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 Months Old

Here we go again, yet another month has come and gone and whether David and I like it we continue to race toward Caleb's first birthday. I'm not ready to blow up the birthday balloons! David and I still catch ourselves looking at him in amazement that those little eyes looking back at us are our sons so it can't possibly be time to light birthday candles.

He is changing so much each day and has really begun to form his own personality. I hate to say it but we may have our work cut out. While he may look like his Daddy it appears that he is going to act like his Mommy and have a very strong temperament. Sadly we have already had a few rounds and I must say he is getting pretty good at throwing a fit including the fun arch your back and have a good cry approach. He however can also be the sweetest little thing ever and snuggle with you and just melt your heart with those blue eyes and sweet smile.

He is the best little eater even though sometimes to a fault as he loves to put everything in his mouth at once. He definitely doesn't have his Daddy's taste buds and likes spinach, broccoli and corn.

He evidently is in early training to one day take on Mt. Everest because he can't seem to get enough of climbing up our stairs and is not a fan of us blocking off his path of adventure.

He still loves bath time and thinks it is good fun to splash and cause the water to go everywhere. There have been several times that we have ended up almost as wet as he is.

He loves walking with his walker and gets around really good with it. He cruises the furniture and every now and then lets go and will balance for a few minutes.

He is fascinated with the potted tree in our kitchen and has already eaten dirt out of it twice. I think this is one battle I've decided to let him win as I'm tired of saying "No, No" and I think tomorrow the tree is going to find a new home in our bedroom.

He loves jabbering and there are many mornings that he talks the whole drive to Nana and Papa's house.

He loves his kitties and no matter how often we tell him "kitty says meow, meow not boof, boof" he continues to bark at them. He however also will say "boof, boof" when he sees or hears a dog. It appears will never grow tired of chasing his kitties around while pointing and squealing with glee.

Temper tantrums, giggles, dirt and all we think he is the best little thing ever and wouldn't trade him for anything.

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