Thursday, July 17, 2008

8 Months Old

Ok, so I'm a little behind getting this post submitted being that Caleb turned 8 months old on July 10 but I guess better late than never.

Here is what you have been up to since last month:
* You have 3 new teeth (this makes a total of 4)
* You can sit up on your own
* You are crawling and have learned to pull up onto a few things (ie. Daddy while he's laying in the floor, the bottom step in the living room, in your crib).
* You are finally getting some hair
* You have found the doorstops and thank these are a great new toy
* You've attempted to at least put one knee on the bottom steps in our living room in effort to chase the kitty up the stairs. Luckily it was not a successful mission and we still have a little more time to find a baby gate but I fear that time is quickly running out.
* You've learned how to stick out your tongue
* You can wave with both of your hands but not necessarily in response to bye bye
* You absolutely can not stand for your stacking cups or blocks to be stacked up without coming and knocking them over.

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STEPH said...

ok mel it's been 2 weeks since an update. I'm waiting to know if he has ventured up the stairs any further yet.