Saturday, July 5, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

And we are off.......Caleb finally got his left leg to cooperate with the rest of his body and is off and crawling. The day I was excited about and almost dreaded in the same breath is here. HE'S MOBILE, AAAHHH! My little ball of energy is off and to the races and there is no stopping him. I'm not exactly sure what type of record he is trying to break or why he thinks he needs to grow up soooooo fast but in the last couple of weeks he has figured out how to sit up, crawl, wave with his left hand, stick out his tongue, has cut 2 teeth with a third on the way (this will make a total of 4), and if David is laying in the floor he can pull up on him into a standing position! No, no, Caleb.....Mommy says stop growing up so fast.

Looks like we are now on the lookout for baby gates since he figured out today that we have stairs. So far he is content to just use the first step as a drum but at the rate he's going he will be at the top of them before we know it.

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