Friday, August 8, 2008

I Never Want to Forget....

I loved Mary Jo's recent post and decided to steal shamelessly and create my own list of "I never want to forget".......

**the way my Grandma's old fashioned pink rose smells

**how peaceful Caleb looks snuggled up in my arms after he has gone to sleep while I'm rocking him.

**the way Caleb's face lights up when I enter the room when I pick him up after work

**the sound of Caitlin and Sierra (my nieces) yelling "Aunt Mel" as they run toward me with a big hug when I first see them when they are in town

**the way Caleb looks and smells in his footed pajamas after bath time and he has been rubbed down with lotion.

**how God has blessed our family and given me the opportunity to work part-time

**how much David loves Caleb and I

**Sunday lunches at Grandma's house

**the intense look of concentration on Caleb's face when he is inspecting something with his fingers


Mary Jo said...

How great! I love it! I want to write things like that ever so often now, because it always changes, doesn't it? With the seasons, too, come different thoughts and memories. Glad to hear from you! MJ

The Brown Family said...

I like that idea and I might steal it as well! Hope you both don't mind! :)