Thursday, April 10, 2008

5 Months Old

Happy 5 months Caleb! Here are some things that you have been doing.

1. You are drooling like a mad man but still no sign of teeth

2. You can push up on your arms while on your tummy but are still just teasing us and haven't decided to roll over.

3. You love putting your feet in your mouth

4. You think making spit bubbles and raspberry sounds is quite fun

5. You still think bath time is the best thing ever. You love to kick your feet really fast and see just how much water you can splash everywhere.

6. You put EVERYTHING in your mouth

7. You have discovered what a cup is and think you need to reach out for it every time you see one. Saturday we finally decided to let you take a sip of water and see how you would react. You handled it like a pro and didn't even get choked.

8. You have moved out of the Moses basket in our room and are now sleeping in your crib

9. You have figured out how to use your foot to bring the toy at the end of your bouncy seat up close enough that you can grab onto it and pull yourself up into a sitting position.

10. You think it's fun to grab Daddy's glasses but are still pretty good about not bothering Mommy's

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