Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Crafts

When I started being a stay at home mom I envisioned hot cooked meals every night, a well organized house, finally working on the boys scrapbooks, keeping up with blogging and lots of craft time with the boys.  Somehow two years have passed and well let's face it all of these things are still just things I'm "envisioning".

One of the things that I hate I haven't done as much of with Joshua as I did Caleb is little craft projects.  I have some fun memories and pictures of Caleb and I working on various projects.  I recently found a couple of Halloween craft kits at the Associate Store for $1.00 each and since I can't seem to pass up a "deal" at the Associate Store I bought two of them and the boys and I put them together yesterday.

Caleb has always enjoyed a good craft project so it was fun to see him in his element.  I was neat  getting to see Joshua experiment with making something on his own.  I helped Joshua with a couple of pieces but I definitely tried to give him the opportunity to put a few pieces on himself and relinquished control of where he glued them.  Caleb asked me when we first started "well what if he (Joshua) doesn't do it right".....oh son, you are so your Momma's child.  I reassured Caleb it would be ok and off we went to having fun and hopefully making a few memories.

Joshua's finished project

Caleb's finished project
(Ha! I just noticed his Frankenstein is missing his pants.  I found them and glued them on but didn't take a new picture.)

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