Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ocean Day!

Today was the long awaited for Ocean Day!!!  We have heard about this event for a few weeks now and the Kindergartners have been busy earning, and in some cases losing, their Ocean Day tickets that they would need to participate in various activities and games.  I'll admit I was starting to wonder if Caleb would actually get to play any games today because I think he was losing his tickets just as quickly as he was earning them (they had to give the teachers back tickets if they were misbehaving).  I was able to volunteer at Ocean Day today while Joshua spent the day with his Nana and Papa.
The Kindergartners were equipped with their sack of tickets and were allowed to decide how they wanted to redeem their tickets throughout the morning with the exception that each of them had to keep 3 tickets that they would use for popcorn, a Capri Sun and to watch a movie once all of their other tickets ran out.  Each of the three Kindergarten class rooms were set up with various stations.  Some of the options included playing in shaving cream, searching for buried treasures in the sand inside a kiddie swimming pool, making a fish, creating an ocean mobile, fishing for candy, etc.
I love this picture of Caleb and his friend Ray Ray. They are in the same classroom and Ray Ray also lives down the street from us.
His fish

I manned the shaving cream table.  It was fun watching the kids decide how they wanted to spend their tickets or see them come in excited about the treasure they found in the sand or the picture they had made. 

We finished up Ocean Day right at lunch time so I stayed and had lunch with Caleb before heading home.  So glad I got to spend time with him this morning at school.

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