Monday, February 25, 2013

6 months old - Joshua

Where has 6 months gone!  It's so hard to believe that you turned 6 months old on February 4!  You are growing so fast and learning how to do more and more each day.  Here is a little information about you at 6 months old (January 4-February 4):
* You are now sleeping in your crib and are no longer sleeping in the pack and play in Mommy and Daddy's room.
* You have discovered your tongue and are like a little lizard in the way you keep sticking your tongue out.
* You have started playing in your exersaucer.
* On January 1 you rolled over for the first time (tummy to back). You are still not rolling over very much but the Dr. says not to worry since you have at least done it a couple of times.  He says that since you have done it you know how but you apparently are just choosing not to.  You have still not rolled over from your back to your belly.
* On January 24 you slept through the night for the first time.  You went to bed between 7:00-7:30pm and slept until 6:00am.  You are still not doing this consistantly but we are definitely getting closer.  You typically go to bed between 7:00-7:30pm.
* You have figured out how to get your foot up to your mouth and have even put your toes in your mouth.
* You wear size 2 diapers
* You are still nursing vs. drinking formula.
* On February 2 we gave you your first solid food.  You had oatmeal cereal!  You seemed to really like it and kept wanting more.
*  You are still not a fan of tummy time and get really upset if you are on your tummy for more than a couple of minutes.
*  Caleb still thinks you are pretty special and love you lots.
*Stats from 6 month check-up (February 6):
           Height - 27 inches
           Weight - 16 lbs. 13 oz.
           Head - 43.5 cm


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Kimberley said...

little man is getting too big too fast!!

time to start planning his first birthday ;)