Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day

To say that this little boy adores his Daddy seems almost a bit of an understatement. I love the excitement that Caleb shows everytime he hears the garage door open and he knows that it is his Daddy coming home from work.  He literally attacks David as soon as he comes in the door and the poor guy doesn't get a moment of down time before he is expected to give his full attention to either listen to the days events or begin to play.  
On Father's Day I originally laid out shorts for Caleb to wear to church and he gladly obliged but when we asked him to go put his shoes on he came down with his black dress shoes and exclaimed that he wanted to wear them and went over to David and showed us that they matched his shoes and he wanted to wear the same shoes that morning.  No harm we just quickly made an adjustment and we were off to church with them both sporting their jeans and matching black shoes.
We decided this year to change things up a little bit and enjoyed the lunch buffet at Fred's Hickory Inn and it did not disappoint.  For the last few years we have had a tradition of our Dad's coming over after church to our house for lunch.  This year my Dad was out of town as he was on his way home from Denver, Colorado where he had spent the week with the Faith Riders (motocycle group from church) on a mission trip.  I hate that he couldn't join us but I appreciate his willingness to hear God's voice and go where He sends him.  This was his second mission trip this year, earlier in the year he went to the Dominican Republic.
Caleb is definitely very blessed to have some wonderful Godly men in his life and I am so glad he has them as examples.

 Caleb loves his Papa and is often his little shadow during the day while we are at work.
I am so glad that God prepared and provided me with a mate that is not only a great husband but is a wonderful Father.  We love you lots David and hope that you know what a blessing you are to our family.